Multitek 2040XP Wood Processor Parts List

If you’re in the market for a new wood processor, you’ve likely heard of the Multitek 2040XP. It’s Multitek’s flagship model and is built to handle even the most complex logs. A shuttle grapple and seven cords an hour of processing capacity set the bar for speed and versatility in the woodworking industry. And, with its rugged construction, it’s designed to last.

Multitek 2040XP-90

The Multitek 2040XP-90 wood processing machine is equipped with fully electric joysticks for easy operation. It also features a cab with a stereo and ergonomic operator controls. In addition, it comes with a 60″ carbide-tipped circular saw, which reduces cut cycles and maintenance costs. Furthermore, it can process up to 1,500 cords of wood before it needs its carbide teeth to be replaced.

Multitek is a company based in Prentice, Wisconsin, that produces wood processing equipment. It was founded in 1982 by Leo Heikkinen and now has a global distribution network. Its products are sold throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The company released several firewood processor models in June 2010, including the Multitek 1620SS.

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The manufacturer provides a parts list for the Multitek 2040XP-90 wood processing machine so customers can order the right parts. The Multitek company can also tell customers how to best stock the details to avoid downtime. Moreover, they offer technical support and advice to ensure the machines are in excellent working order.

The Multitek 2040XP-90 wood processing machine has a powerful motor that allows you to process wood at an efficient rate. Its 20-gallon hydraulic tank is designed to process five cords per hour. The machine is also portable. An ATV can easily transport it.

Japa 405

If you’re looking for an all-in-one firewood processor, the Japa 405 wood processor is the answer. Its sensors and innovative system ensure optimal performance, producing consistent, uniform-sized firewood. This processor also has a separate conveyor that transports the wood debris away.

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The Multitek 2040XP wood processor is an excellent choice for a wood processor for firewood production. Its patented overhead shuttle grapple infeed system makes it easy to split low-grade logs down to length. This machine is suitable for cutting softwood logs but cannot process hardwood logs.

A well-established company manufactures multitask wood processors in Prentice, Wisconsin. Its products are distributed throughout North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The company’s 1620 SS firewood processor was released in June 2010. It has several models, including the Multitek 1620SS, 1630SS, and 1640SS.

Its model 2040 comes with various options, including a heated operator’s cab, air-conditioning, and lights for nighttime use. It can process logs up to 20 inches in diameter and 40 feet long. It features a 60-inch circular saw. With its numerous features, this model has risen in popularity.

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Multitek firewood processors are designed for commercial use and are suitable for farmers, small wood businesses, and homeowners. With a twenty-horsepower motor, a 7.5-foot infeed conveyor, and a 12-second cycle time, this unit can process up to a cord of firewood in an hour. In addition to these features, it is inexpensive and easy to operate. Cord King CS20-40 firewood processors can process four to ten cords per hour and are designed for commercial use.

Another firewood processor is the Japa 435. This machine is highly portable and can be transported with an ATV. This model has a patented cleaning mechanism and splitting knife. Its feed tube and guide plate make it ideal for log splitting. Several types of parts are available separately.

Cord King

The Cord King Multitek 2040XP wood processor is a trendy piece of firewood processing equipment. It is reasonably priced and manufactured by a reputable company. It features several features to make processing wood more accessible and more efficient. These features include an operator’s cab and a low-maintenance circular saw.

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Its fully-electric joysticks make controlling the machine simple and safe. It has a safety system keeps the hydraulic lines out of the cab, preventing any risk of high-pressure fluid spillage. Its 60-inch carbide-tipped circular saw cuts wood faster and reduces maintenance costs. It processes about 1,500 cords before carbide teeth need to be replaced.

This firewood processor has a twenty-horsepower motor, a twenty-gallon hydraulic tank, a five-inch hydraulic wedge, and a twelve-second cycle time. It’s also built in the U.S.A. and is ideal for commercial use. This cord-king wood processor is available in a few models, so you can find one that suits your needs.

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