Multitek Fire Wood Processor

What is a Multi Tech Fire Wood Processor?

Multi Tech Fire Wood Processor is a machine used to cut and split logs into smaller chunks for burning purposes. It is designed to provide maximum efficiency, safety and convenience when managing the firewood. It is equipped with powerful blades and a motor allowing it to cut logs into desired sizes quickly and accurately. Additionally, it has a hydraulic system for efficient and safe splitting of logs, as well as a conveyor system for efficient loading and unloading of logs.

The Multitek firewood processor is a multi-function machine with several features to enhance the efficiency of processing firewood. This machine uses a triple hydraulic pump to operate multiple functions simultaneously. This means you can start processing firewood before a full tank is full.

SpaltFix S-377 Multi

The SpaltFix S-377 Multi is a compact, high-performance firewood processor. Its 22 kW e-motor and 400V S6 power connection make it a powerful choice for firewood processing needs. This machine can split up to 15 tons of wood in a single pass. Its 21-inch blade can be adjusted for uneven or even splits.

This machine makes cutting, splitting, and loading logs much more efficient. It also helps you reduce your environmental footprint by reducing the fuel you use for your fireplace. A firewood processor also makes it easier to organize your work site. It can split logs up to 41 cm in diameter and produce up to 12 billets in one work cycle. The unit is easy to use and has a joystick for easy operation.

Multitek 3040XP2

If you’re looking for a firewood processor that will maximize your output, the Multitek 3040XP2 is the suitable machine for you. This firewood processor comes with an overhead shuttle grapple infeed system, allowing you to cut and split logs easily.

The Multitek 3040XP2 has an operator’s cab that provides comfort and visibility. It has high-visibility windows and fully-electric joysticks. The Multitek 3040XP2 also has a 72-inch carbide-tipped circular saw with carbide teeth that last up to 1,500 cords. It has an ergonomic operator’s station and optional outfeed conveyors.

Multitek firewood processors are the most efficient way to split firewood. These machines are available in various sizes – from portable models to larger units that can be pulled behind a truck. The Multitek 3040XP2 is one of the largest and most powerful models in the company’s line. It processes up to seven cords per hour and features an electric joystick control system.

Gish Logging has been running Multitek equipment for 25 years. They started their company with a Multitek processor. The company has bought ten machines from Multitek over the years. The company rotates out older models after years of service. Mike Gish, the company’s owner, has used a Multitek 2040XP2 firewood processor with a circular saw and expects it to hold up.

This mid-size machine is ideal for the homeowner who needs a reliable device to split logs and store the finished product. It has a 44-hp Kubota diesel engine, and a 40-inch insert tooth circular saw. It also features an ergonomic operator station and a wide field of vision.

Cord King CS60

Cord King specializes in Firewood Processors that convert logs into cooking wood, fuel wood, and even packaged firewood bundles. Their machines are user-friendly, dependable, and affordable. They have won international recognition, and their warranty is one of the best in the industry.