Multitek Firewood Processors

Multitek firewood processors deliver exceptional performance and ease of use. The brand’s products are also backed by excellent support and service. The company’s extensive warranty program protects your investment and provides peace of mind. For more information, visit the Multitek website. It will help you choose the best wood processor for your needs.

Multitek 3040XP2 wood processor

The Multitek 3040XP2 wood processor is a supersized version of the company’s flagship 2040XP2 machine. It can process logs up to 32 inches in diameter and is capable of processing seven cords per hour. It comes with an operator’s cab and an electric joystick control system.

The Multitek 3040XP2 wood processor features a John Deere diesel power unit, four-chain log deck, overhead log infeed shuttle grapple, and 60-inch circular saw. For nearly three decades, Multitek has been providing the wood-processing industry with high-quality equipment. Founded by Greg Bingham, the company’s philosophy is to design and manufacture products that offer the best possible performance.

Multitek’s firewood processors are one of the most efficient ways to split and cut firewood. These machines come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from lightweight machines to larger units that can be pulled behind a truck. The Multitek 3040XP2 wood processor is a large blade machine designed to process large logs. It has seven cords per hour and the shuttle grapple is patented.

The Multitek 3040XP2 has an operator’s cab with a comfortable suspension seat and high-visibility windows. The fully-electric joysticks make it easy to operate and are a safety feature. The Multitek 3040XP2 includes a 72-inch carbide tipped circular saw that cuts wood faster and with lower maintenance. The carbide teeth last for up to 1,500 cords before needing replacement.

Multitek 1620SS

The Multitek 1620SS wood processor is a versatile machine that is available with numerous options. Its Kubota diesel engine provides torque for all functions and maximizes operator productivity while increasing throughput. The machine has a three-strand hydraulic powered log deck, ergonomic operator station, and optional outfeed conveyors.

Scott’s old splitter broke in May and he began the search for a new machine. After checking out various manufacturers, he was excited to learn about the 1620 SS with built-in 40-inch circle saw. He tested the 1620 SS and was impressed by the circular saw and user-friendly controls.

The Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor is one of the most efficient mid-size firewood processors available. Its unique circular saw with an insert tooth style carbide tip is patented and the machine’s 44 hp Kubota diesel engine offers low fuel consumption. The saw blade can be easily replaced without removing the machine from the ground. The operator’s ergonomics also allow for clear visibility.

A mid-size firewood processor is an ideal choice for homeowners who want a reliable machine for splitting logs and storing the finished product. A Multitek 1620SS has a 44-hp Kubota diesel engine, a 40-inch insert tooth circular saw, and ergonomic operator station with a wide field of vision.

Multitek 2020SS

The Multitek 2020SS wood processor features a powerful 80 horsepower diesel power unit, a four-chain log deck, an overhead log infeed shuttle grapple, and a 60′ circular saw. Multitek is a trusted name in the industry that has been manufacturing firewood processors and other equipment for almost three decades. Multitek machines are known for their durability and craftsmanship. Their dedication to quality parallels GWP’s, with Greg’s belief that details matter and doing things right takes time.

Multitek also offers a wood splitter, the Multitek 2040XP2. This versatile machine is priced competitively and has a floating four-way, six-way, and eight-way splitter head. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic force behind the splitter head, which allows it to split even the most challenging low-grade materials.

Multitek’s firewood processors can be used to process firewood for home or commercial purposes. These machines are especially useful in firewood processing for windrow piles. The machines are also suitable for contract work. The machines also provide an excellent income if used as rental machines. The Multitek 2020CSC is equipped with an integrated stacking conveyor.


Multitek’s 1616EZ wood processor is an excellent mid-range machine that can handle 20 foot logs. It features a sturdy frame and hydraulic power to quickly and efficiently chop up logs. The machine features a 20″ hydraulically powered bar saw that has a joystick for easy operation. Its low-maintenance three-inch pitch chain helps keep costs down.

The 1616EZ is equipped with standard hydraulic wobblestick joysticks and a 15-foot conveyor. The machine can split several log rounds at once. This versatile machine also includes a log stockpile feature and can easily fill baskets. The machine comes with a 34-horsepower Kohler or Subaru gasoline engine, or with a powerful 35-horsepower Kubota or Yanmar engine package.

Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor comes equipped with a patented guillotine cutting system that reduces maintenance and increases productivity. The machine is also a portable and lightweight machine that can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It is also available in different sizes to meet your needs.

Multitek’s 1616EZ wood processor is an exceptional wood processor with outstanding performance, serviceability, and support. It is easy to use, features multiple safety features, and a convenient cleaning solution. This model is capable of handling several types of wood, including hardwood, softwood, and spruce. A demo model of this machine was recently showcased at the recent Richmond Expo. The company says it can process up to two cords an hour.

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