Multitek Wood Processor 2040 Oil Filter Part

Multitek’s wood processor 2040 series combines performance and efficiency. The model is designed to produce between 3.5 and 4.5 cords of wood per hour, depending on the model you choose. These machines also feature 16-way splitter heads, Mobile discharge conveyors, and a 25-year mainstay.

25-year-old mainstay

The Multitek wood processor 2040 oil filter part has been an industry mainstay for 25 years. The multi-stage system processes firewood and makes it ready for heating and cooking. The company makes seven different models of firewood processors that can process up to a cord per hour.

The Multitek 2040 comes with a range of features and options. It is equipped with an operator’s cab with heater and air-conditioning and also includes a light system for night work. It processes logs up to 20 inches in diameter and is 40 feet long. It also features a 60-inch circular saw. This multi-purpose wood processor is gaining popularity with increasing interest in the growing use of wood for fuel.

16-way splitter head

Multitek Wood Processor 2040XP2 is the flagship model that was designed for handling the toughest logs. It is capable of processing up to 7 cords per hour. The machine has patented shuttle grapple technology and is built for durability.

Mobile discharge conveyors

Multitek wood processors are built to process large quantities of wood quickly and efficiently. Their split wood conveyors can move up to 80 feet per minute and feature a sturdy, tubular steel under carriage and lightweight channel sides. They come with hydraulic lift and discharge conveyors and can be connected to an auxiliary hydraulic source for increased power.


Multitek wood processors are designed to make the process of processing firewood a lot easier. They feature a high volume hydraulic reservoir, oil cooling, and joystick operator controls. They also have an optional heated cabin and an optional 48′ circular saw. All of these features come with a low operating cost and CE certification.

Multitek wood processors are available in two different models, the 2040XP2 and the 3040XP2. The 2040XP2 can process 20-inch logs and has an 80-horsepower engine. The 3040XP2 is equipped with an 110-horsepower engine and can process logs up to 30 inches in diameter. This allows the customer to select the correct processor for the size of logs. Choosing the right firewood processor will also help the customer balance costs and production efficiency.

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