Multitek Wood Processor 2040XP2

The Multitek wood processor 2040XP2 comes with a shuttle grapple and patented dual log in-feed and clamp system. This machine also features a fully equipped operator’s cab, including a comfortable suspension seat and heated cab enclosure. It also comes with a large, high-visibility window for maximum visibility.

Multitek wood processor 2040XP2

The Multitek wood processor 2040XP2 is a powerful firewood processor that features a floating four-way splitter head and up to eight-way splitter head. The machine also has a two-stage splitting wedge system. The machine is designed for difficult low-grade materials and has a hydraulic force behind its splitter head.

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The Multitek 2040XP2 is Multitek’s flagship processor. It is built to process even the toughest logs, and it showcases its versatility and speed. The 2040XP2 processes up to 7 cords per hour, setting a new standard in the industry. It is also built tough, so it can withstand heavy use for years to come.

Multitek’s shuttle grapple

Multitek’s 3040XP2 firewood processor is a large version of the company’s flagship 2040XP2. It was designed to handle the biggest logs in the world and has the largest log capacity of any Multitek machine. Its patented shuttle grapple can handle logs up to 32″ in diameter and process up to 7 cords per hour.

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This firewood processor has a patented overhead shuttle grapple system, weighs over 11,000 pounds, and is powered by an 80 horsepower turbo diesel engine. Multitek says it’s built to last, with a two-year, 2,000-hour warranty.

Multitek’s flagship processor, the 2040XP2, is designed for the most challenging logs and is ideal for large farms and other commercial operations. The 2040XP2’s shuttle grapple infeed system allows producers to process seven cords per hour. It’s designed for strength and durability, and it has hydraulic height and speed controls. It’s also available with a self-contained gas engine power unit package.

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Multitek’s Mark II Rotating Grapple is another versatile and powerful attachment. This tool can move large diameter logs, push leaning trees, and grapple monster brush piles. It can also safely feed a brush chipper. It’s built by industry experts for the best performance and safety. Featuring a T-One steel pushbar, self-lubricating fairled rollers, and pin locks, this tool makes your work safer and more efficient.

Multitek’s shuttle grapple for wood processing 2040XP2 wood log splitter is a large machine with a guillotine-cutting system. It’s designed for single operators and is available in both chain saw and circular saw models. With a 32-inch diameter cutter, the 2040XP2 firewood processor has an incredible cutting capacity. It’s ideal for processing huge logs and produces high volumes of firewood.

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patented dual log in-feed and clamp system

Multitek wood processors are designed to process even the toughest logs with ease. The company’s firewood processors are known for their outstanding performance, serviceability, and support. These machines are engineered to last and provide a lifetime of reliable service.

GWP has been operating a Multitek 2040XP2 firewood processor for just over two years and is extremely pleased with its performance. It is a solid machine that responds well to four operators. The Multitek is loaded with a rubber-tire loader and runs smoothly.

The Multitek 2040XP2 is the company’s flagship machine. It is built for processing the largest logs, weighing up to 32″ in diameter. The machine also features a patented shuttle grapple. It can process 7 cords per hour.

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