Multitek Wood Processor Bar and Chain

Multitek’s firewood processors have all the features you need to thrive in the firewood industry. They are professionally engineered to provide long-term performance, are easy to maintain, and include features such as the 3-strand hydraulic folding live deck. This machine is the workhorse of the firewood industry.

Maintenance of chainsaw chain

The maintenance of multitek wood processors requires a few basic steps. One of the first is to check the bar and chain for alignment and cleanliness. This is important because they can become dull very quickly. In addition, if they get dull, they can slow down the saw and cause the chain sprocket to wear out faster. After each use, the bar and chain should be clean to prevent any future issues.

A firewood processor is a machine that cuts or splits firewood. There are various machines available to perform this task, and most use a chain saw system. However, there are some that use circular saw systems. These are preferred by many because they require less maintenance and can process logs of various sizes.

The firewood processor is first moved to the sawing location. After the leveling is complete, a separate loading machine places the delimbed logs onto supply deck 16. The operator activates the circular saw 126 and starts the chain conveyors 88 of the supply deck 16. The saw begins in an elevated position. The operator then feeds an individual log into the log infeed trough 14.

Checking for sideways movement

The Multitek 1620 SS Firewood Processor has a patented guillotine cutting system to reduce maintenance and increase machine productivity. It is also equipped with a 40-inch insert tooth circular saw. It is rated to process two to three cords per hour, and can handle logs as large as 16 inches in diameter.

Automatic chain tensioner

Automatic chain tensioners are a common feature of modern firewood processors. They work by automatically raising the saw bar and tightening the cutting chain. The AC 10 hydraulic chain tensioner, for example, eliminates the need for manual tensioning. This patented device can also replace a broken chain in less than 40 seconds. To replace the chain, simply disconnect the power supply and remove the old one from the machine.

Automatic chain tensioners feature a tensioning cylinder and sliding or pusher blocks to hold the cutting chain in place. The tensioning cylinder is mounted to the base plate and is attached to a slew ring 100 that receives the chain. This ring is manufactured by G&R Equipment, a company based in Lena, Wis. It receives a drive motor 102 that is attached to the base plate using one or more fasteners. The slew ring 100 also receives a drive sprocket 22 that is attached to the drive motor 102.

Log infeed trough

A multitek wood processor bar and chain log infeed and cutting station has several components. The cutting station includes a saw blade mounted on a guide track that extends above the log infeed trough and is movable upward and downward in a vertical direction. The cutting station also includes an operator control station that controls the feeding and advancement of the log from the supply deck to the cutting station and the splitting station. The cutting station is equipped with a chain conveyor to move logs from the log infeed trough towards the cutting station.

The multitek wood processor bar and chain log infeed feature offers a wide range of options, including an optional high volume hydraulic reservoir and a fully equipped operator cab with a heated cab enclosure. Optional outfeed conveyors and an ergonomic operator seat enhance the overall operator comfort.

The Multitek wood processor bar and chain log in feed trough features a lateral log supply deck, a cutting station and an operator control station. The cutting station includes a vertically movable blade for cutting logs into individual log rounds. The log supply deck extends laterally from the main framework and is used to feed logs into the log infeed trough.

Multitek wood processor bar and chain firewood processor models are built tough for heavy duty use. They are competitively priced and offer a variety of options. The Multitek 1620SS and 2040XP firewood processors both feature live log decks and an operator cab.

The Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor is a mid-size machine that can process three to five cords of firewood per hour. The patented guillotine cutting system provides high productivity and low maintenance. Both machines have a 4-second cycle time and are powered by a 44-horsepower diesel engine.

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