Multitek Wood Processor Parts List

What is a Multitek Wood Processor Parts List?

A Multitek Wood Processor Parts List is a comprehensive inventory of the parts used in the machine such as blades, belts, motors, and control panels. It includes specifications, descriptions, and diagrams for each part as well as its associated cost. The parts list is essential for the maintenance and repair of the wood processor. It also helps ensure that all replacement parts used in the machine are compatible and up to date. Knowing the parts list is important for the safe and efficient operation of the wood processor.

If you are in the market for a firewood processor, you may want to take a look at the Multitek 1620 SS. This model features a 20″ bar saw and a Shuttle grapple. It also has a log in-feed system. Multitek has a wide variety of replacement parts for this model.

20″ bar saw

If you’re in the market for a new bar saw, Multitek has you covered. This model features an easy-to-use joystick operator control system, triple hydraulic pump and a 48-inch circular saw. This saw is easy to use and maintain, and is available with CE certification.

This mid-sized machine is built for mobility, speed and ease of transport. It’s powerful enough to cut up to 3 to 5 cords of firewood per hour, and has a four-second cycle time. This versatile saw can be used for a variety of cutting applications.

Shuttle grapple

The Multitek Shuttle grapple wood processor is a powerful, multi-purpose wood processor with an excellent list of parts. This powerful model features an operator cab with heated and comfortable suspension seat, an adjustable head, and a 48″ circular saw. It comes with CE certification and is designed to be a professional firewood processor.

The Multitek 2040XP2 is the company’s flagship processor, and it is capable of processing seven cords of wood per hour. This machine is rugged and durable, featuring an 80 horsepower John Deere diesel power unit and a four chain log deck. It also has an overhead log infeed shuttle grapple.

Multitek’s shuttle grapple commercial wood processors are known for their efficiency and ease of use. They are able to process large logs without the hassle of splitting them. Multitek’s Shuttle grapple is patented, allowing for fast and efficient processing. The company also provides an impressive two-year, 2,000-hour warranty for their machines.

Oiling slasher blades

If you’re looking for a firewood processor that will produce six to seven cords an hour, you might be wondering how to properly oil the blades. Multitek’s firewood processors are designed to produce this much material in a single pass. They feature a rotary blade system that cuts through wood sections in seconds. They also have an efficient outfeed conveyor system that transports processed wood quickly to storage areas. And they’re very affordable – if you have the funds, that is!

While most wood processors utilize a hydraulic chainsaw bar, there are those that use a slasher blade. These blades are much faster than traditional saws and require little maintenance once set up. And while some people are wary of these large circular blades, they’ve been proven safe over the years – some even don’t walk within 50 feet of them. And the best part is, these blades are designed to last for thousands of cuts before they need to be replaced.

Multitek wood processors are made for fast and efficient processing of large logs. Its eight-way splitter head and two-stage wedge system provide maximum efficiency. These machines are also built for easy maintenance and are ergonomically designed. They also have an optional outfeed conveyor.

Multitek firewood processors are a great investment for a firewood business. Smaller models can be operated by a single worker. Mid-sized firewood processors are also a good option if you process a large volume of firewood. The Multitek 1620 SS can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It also has a 40-inch insert tooth circular saw.

The firewood processor includes a main framework with a front and rear end and opposite sides. It also includes a log infeed trough that advances log lengthwise to a cutting station. The cutting station features a vertically movable blade for cutting the log into individual log rounds. In addition to the cutting station, the multitek wood processor includes a log supply deck that extends laterally from the main framework.

Log in-feed system

The Multitek log in-feed system is an integral part of a firewood processor. Its main frame is made of high strength, low weight alloy steel tubing, and the operator controls are easy to use with a joystick. It also has a triple hydraulic pump that makes sawing and splitting a breeze. It also has a folding power log deck, which features a patented overhead log in-feed shuttle grapple.

Multitek’s flagship processor, the 2040XP2, processes up to 7 cords per hour. Its heavy-duty design means it can withstand years of use. It comes with a John Deere diesel power unit, four-chain log deck, overhead log in-feed shuttle grapple, and 60-foot circular saw. In addition to its advanced features, the 2040XP2 also features an electric operator joystick control system, high volume hydraulic reservoir capacity, and ergonomic operator seats.