Multitek Wood Processor – The 3040XP2 and the 1616EZ

What is Multitek Wood Processor Sprocket 394001?

Multitek Wood Processor Sprocket 394001 is a sprocket designed for use in Multitek wood processors. It is made of reinforced steel and is designed to provide maximum torque and power transfer. This sprocket provides smooth and efficient operation, and is highly resistant to wear and tear. It is also designed to be compatible with most common wood processor models.

The sprocket is made with extreme precision and accuracy and is designed to stand up to high torque and vibration. It is designed with special features that allow for easy installation and maintenance. The sprocket is also designed to be durable and long-lasting, and is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and reliable sprocket for their wood processing needs.

If you’re looking for a firewood processor, consider the Multitek wood processor 3040XP2 and the 1616EZ. Both machines include a fully equipped operator’s cab with suspension seat, heated cab enclosure, and high-visibility windows.

Multitek wood processor 3040XP2

Multitek wood processors are known for their superior performance, ease of use, and serviceability. They come equipped with a fully-equipped operator’s cab. The cab includes a heated seat and high-visibility windows. They can process up to seven cords per hour.

1616EZ firewood processor

Multitek firewood processors offer exceptional ease of use and performance, and they’re backed by excellent customer service and support. They also offer a generous warranty program, which protects your investment. To learn more about the many benefits of Multitek firewood processors, visit their website. Multitek makes a variety of models, from lightweight machines to heavy-duty units that are designed to be pulled behind a truck. One model is the 3040XP2, which processes logs up to 32 inches in diameter and is able to process seven cords per hour. It also includes an operator’s cab and an electric joystick control system for easy operation.

Multitek’s 1616EZ firewood processor is a mid-grade unit that has high-quality features. It’s built on the same robust frame as the 1620SS and can process up to 20′ long logs. It’s easy to tow and deploy, and it features a 20-inch hydraulic bar saw that cuts logs with a joystick. Its standard 3/8-inch-pitch chain keeps maintenance costs low, and its chain can be used again.

The 1616EZ firewood processor has a hydraulically adjustable live deck and a ten-foot discharge height. It also features a 15-foot-long conveyor and an integrated 15-foot conveyor with a vulcanized rubber belt. The conveyor can be lowered or raised to make the process easier.

The Multitek 1616EZ firewood processor is versatile and easy to operate. Its 20-inch hydraulic bar saw can handle large logs, and it can split several log rounds at a time. It can process hardwood, softwood, and spruce. It also includes an optional log stockpile and a 34-horse engine package.