Naarva Wood Processor

If you are a woodworking enthusiast and are in search of a new wood processor, then you are in the right place. The Naarva wood processor is a multipurpose machine with many different features. It has several attachments that make it a versatile machine. It can perform all operations necessary for wood processing, including harvesting, collecting, and cross-cutting. Besides that, it can also be used to load and process firewood.

Naarva S23 harvesting head

The Naarva S23 harvesting head is a lightweight and easy-to-use harvesting head for first thinning timber, pulpwood and energy wood. It is compatible with a 5-8 ton excavator. The head does not require additional hydraulics or electricity. It can be locked in a vertical position, tilted forward and backward by the delimbing stroke movement and is equipped with a grapple open/close valve. The head is lightweight and requires only 40 l of oil flow.

The Naarva S23 harvesting head cuts down timbers into pieces of firewood. It can be a tractor harvester, a stroke harvester, or a firewood processor. The device also has a Bluetooth connection for measuring thickness. The driver can set an alert when the thickness reaches a specified diameter.

The Naarva S23 harvesting head is the best-selling product from the company. Over 420 units have been sold so far. It is affordable and easy to use. It is compatible with base machines from all machine manufacturers. It can be used for energy wood harvesting, first thinning, and even clearing field edges and road shoulders. Naarva products have been exported to 35 countries, with Sweden and Norway being among its most important markets.

Naarva H60 splitter

The Naarva H60 wood processor splitter is a versatile piece of machinery that can be attached to a forest trailer or agricultural tractor by a three-point attachment. Its hydraulic system powers four-phase splitting, while an auxilary hydraulic cylinder provides extra force for faster splitting. The Naarva H60 splitter has 3 speed settings and 3 force settings for optimal splitting efficiency. It can split wood up to 24″ in length and is compatible with a personal chainsaw.

Farmi Forest heads

The Naarva wood processor family offers a wide range of equipment for clearing, thinning and energy wood harvesting. The company’s Farmi Forest heads combine a grapple and a felling head for versatile use. The machines can handle felling, collecting, and cross-cutting in one step, as well as loading and unloading trees. They can also be used for road shoulders and field edges.

The Naarva S23 head is hydraulically powered and can be used with the Naarva boom kit. The S23 is a versatile tool that is easily mounted on a 5-8 ton excavator. Its hydraulics are controlled by a two-directional valve and can cut and split trees. The Naarva S23 has a lifting capacity of 25 kNm. The machine features two hoses and a loading grapple for easy switching.

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