Naarva Wood Processor Cost

If you want to cut firewood into smaller pieces, you need a Naarva wood processor. These machines cut firewood in half and remove the small bits of timber. There are a few types to choose from. These include the Multi-stem harvester and the Stroke splitter heads.

Multi-stem harvester heads

Multi-stem harvester heads are used for integrated pulpwood harvesting. They are based on an excavator for high productivity and reduced operator fatigue. The study’s results showed that the harvester’s productivity per hour increased by 24% when the cutting intensity was increased. It also proved to be a competitive alternative to wheeled harvesters and conventional multi-stem harvesting equipment.

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Multi-stem harvester heads are available with an integrated weighing system and are available with different weight capacities and power capacities. These machines are ideal for demanding operations. They have low maintenance costs and a high reliability. They also have universal components that are suitable for all harvester bases.

AFM harvester/processors are available with two different multi-stem harvester heads. The C144 head weighs 3086 lbs and is available with a wide selection of accessories. It is a heavy duty model with four hydraulic motors and a cutting deck. It is available with a topping saw and specially designed processor knives.

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Multi-stem harvester heads are a reliable and efficient option for first thinning. The F930 and F920 series have two different harvester heads. The TH85 features a feed roller in the frame. The steel disc-type roller provides excellent grip. Its electrical system has been improved, and the diameter sensor has been upgraded to a waterproof unit. The new version also features an improved magnetic sensor.

Southstar Grapple Processor 505/635 series processors are designed for high production processing. They have a tilt locking system, a float for easy handling, and a 4×4 drive system for maximum torque in large wood. In addition to a low-friction four-wheel drive system and high feed speeds, the QS series processors are among the most productive on the market. The company’s partnership with DASA control systems makes them one of the most advanced and user-friendly processors available in the market.

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Farmi Forest heads

Farmi Forest heads are a hybrid of a grapple and a felling head that are suited to clearing, thinning, and energy wood harvesting operations. These machines perform felling, cross-cutting, and collecting in one step. They are lightweight and easy to operate, with no electric controllers. All functions are controlled by an open-close valve on the grapple. Their weight is 230 kg, and their maximum cutting height is 23 cm.

Farmi Stroke harvester heads

Naarva wood processors have hydraulically operated felling heads, which can cut up to 24 cm in diameter softwood. These tools can also be equipped with hydraulic grapples to handle larger trees. When you want to cut a tree down to its desired length, you can simply hold down the grapple close button while using the felling head.

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The Naarva stroke harvester head is lightweight and easy to operate, making it an excellent choice for first thinning. Its weight is 230 kg, and it can be operated with a 5-8 ton excavator. The grapple head is controlled by an open/close valve, ensuring an easy, safe, and reliable operation.

Farmi Stroke splitter heads

The Naarva H60 splitter is attached to an agricultural tractor through a three-point attachment or forest trailer. This model features hydraulic power and four-phase splitting. It also has an auxilary hydraulic cylinder that provides additional force. The H60 has three different speeds and a splitting force of up to 43 tons.

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