Norwood Wood Processor

A Norwood wood processor is not just a piece of machinery. The company’s business philosophy focuses on growth and innovation. This article explores Norwood’s laminated sawhead technology, auto-locking sawhead technology, and build-as-you-grow philosophy. It also examines the company’s new LumberPro HD36v2 saw.

Norwood’s laminated sawhead technology

The LM29 portable band sawmill incorporates the latest advancements in portable sawmill technology, including Norwood’s patented auto-locking sawhead and laminated sawhead technology. This rugged sawmill is built in the United States and Canada by highly skilled operators and is durable enough to cut hundreds of thousands of board feet of lumber.

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The LM29 sawmill is equipped with a rigid LX Frame sawhead tower and an engine. The sawhead is held in place by twin, parallel hardened steel bars that are designed to automatically lock and unlock the sawhead. These features help reduce sawing cycle times. Moreover, the patented laminated sawhead technology provides maximum strength and torsional stability. The sawhead’s twin reinforcing beams enhance accuracy and ensure precise cuts. It also features full sawmill blade protection and a blade-brake that meets international safety standards.

The X-Y-Z axis is defined by guide members and is spaced apart in the direction of lateral axis. The plate stack is supported by guide receivers that are fixed to respective guide members. The plate stack is secured to guide members 28 by a handle 65 that threads into the respective body members 54.

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The X-Y-axis of the laminated sawheads can be adjusted to ensure proper alignment. The sawhead can be mounted manually or hydraulically. This flexibility allows first-time sawmill owners to begin with a manual Norwood sawmill and gradually upgrade as their sawmilling business grows. Moreover, with Norwood’s “grow-as-you-grow” strategy, a sawyer never outgrows the sawmill they already have.

Norwood’s build-as-you-grow philosophy

Norwood Sawmills’ build-as-you-grow system enables you to customize the sawmill to fit your needs. You can add power, hydraulic or manual attachments to your sawmill as you grow. The company is committed to building a high-quality sawmill with cutting-edge machining and fabrication techniques.

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Norwood’s new LumberPro HD36v2

The LumberPro HD36v2 wood processor from Norwood Sawmills offers a new, larger capacity portable sawmill that delivers high performance and output for 36-inch diameter logs. The HD36v2 features Sawyer-Assist technologies and more custom options than any other portable mill. Built to Norwood’s standard of strength and durability, this mill is a versatile tool that meets the demands of commercial sawing.

The HD36V2’s durable log deck design and high-strength steel rails deliver maximum strength and torsional stability. The HD36V2’s Duradeck also accommodates Sawyer-Assist attachments for modular versatility. Its super-strong log-deck is designed for maximum efficiency and accuracy for straight, accurate lumber.

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Norwood’s new partnership with Austro

Norwood, a leading global manufacturer of portable sawmills, has appointed Austro as its distributor in South Africa. Austro is a South African company that was founded in 1980 and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company is focused on providing quality branded industrial woodworking equipment and related supplies to the commercial and corporate sectors in sub-Saharan Africa. The partnership between Norwood and Austro aims to provide a one-stop solution for the wood processing needs of businesses in the region.

Norwood has a long history. It opened the first residential home for adults with learning disabilities in the country, the Pamela Barnett Centre, in 1986. The company has also established the Kennedy Leigh Children and Family Centre in Hendon, which provides practical advice and support to local families. In addition to providing accommodation and care, the centre is also home to Binoh, a specialised education and therapy service for children with special educational needs. In 1996, Norwood merged with Ravenswood and opened family centres in Hackney and Redbridge. The company has also incorporated its services into the local Orthodox community.

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