Otis Wood Processing

What is an Otis Wood Processor?

Otis Wood Processor is a machine used to process raw wood into various pieces of lumber and other finished products. It is capable of cutting, splitting, and re-sawing logs into boards of various sizes and shapes. It can also be used to produce veneer, trim, and paneling. The machine is equipped with a blade, saw, and conveyor belt, and is powered by an electric motor. It is a popular choice for small-scale woodworking and carpentry operations, as it is relatively easy to use and maintain.

Otis Wood Processing is a family business started by Maxence Otis, who grew up in the forest industry. He studied forest technology in college and earned a professional certificate in logging. After working as a planter for different companies, he started his own business. Today, he employs seven people and needs one more night-shift employee. In addition to cutting and stacking logs, Otis owns a couple of Komatsu forwarders.

Firewood processor

Compared to other machines, the Otis firewood processor reduces manual labor and produces split logs more efficiently. This means lower energy costs and lower carbon emissions. In addition to being more environmentally friendly, the machine also helps reduce noise and smoke pollution in the work site. Depending on your needs, you can choose from several sizes and styles to suit your needs.

The medium-sized model is designed to process up to three cords of firewood per hour. It features a hydraulically-driven chain conveyor and a joystick-controlled mechanism for easy operation. One person or a small team can operate the Otis firewood processors. There are commercial and residential models available.

The CS-Series models are the most productive in their class and feature a carbide tooth slasher saw. They are powered by a 50-127 horsepower diesel engine and have an industry-leading saw-to-saw time of three to five seconds. The CS20-40 was recently featured in Independent Sawmill & Woodlot Magazine and was considered the best in its category.

As the name suggests, the Otis firewood processor turns out vast amounts of wood in the winter. Although it is an old-fashioned process, it is still a profitable endeavor, and a new generation of owners will be eager to join in the effort. Many people in the region are already cutting and selling firewood to make extra money.

Job Duties

Whether you have a background in woodworking, a passion for the environment, or an experience in construction, you can find a job at Otis. This company is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and values diversity. Therefore, qualified candidates will receive full consideration regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental disability, or genetic information.

Job duties of an Otis wood process worker: Otis wood processors operate automated woodworking machinery to create various types of wood products. They use sanders, routers, and planers to cut, shape, and smooth wood pieces. They also add fasteners and join pieces together to form complete units. They then finish their products by applying stains or coating.


The Chippery, located in Austin, Texas, was acquired by Otis Spunkmeyer in 2005. The chipper operates a 97,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. It also owns the Cuisine de France restaurant and La Brea Bakery. In 2006, the company sold the Chippery to the Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society. The two companies merged in 2008 and are now called Hiestand.