Owners Manual For 2018 Bell 4000 Wood Processor

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What is Owners Manual for 2018 Bell 4000 Wood Processor?

The Owners Manual for 2018 Bell 4000 Wood Processor is a comprehensive guide that outlines how to safely and effectively use the Bell 4000 Wood Processor. It includes important safety information, as well as instructions on how to assemble and operate the wood processor. It also provides maintenance tips to keep the wood processor in peak condition. The manual contains detailed illustrations and diagrams to assist with assembly and operation, as well as instructions on what to do in case of emergency. Finally, it lists all of the parts and accessories available for purchase and provides troubleshooting tips to help diagnose and fix common problems.

The Bell 4000 wood processor is a heavy-duty model that comes with a plethora of features. It includes a Tumbler, Disc cleaner, and Splitter. The machine is also equipped with an adjustable splitter head and automatic splitting cycle. The company, owned by Brent and Cyndi Easton, is known for its heavy-duty construction and rugged design.

Log splitter

The Bell 4000 wood processor is a smaller, more affordable wood processor that is capable of processing a variety of wood types. It has many features that can help you optimize its performance. For example, it features an optional S2X 800 log quartering feature that reduces the load on the processor and improves its efficiency. Also, the machine comes with a rotating chromium cone that allows the operator to position logs while still in the cab, which improves operator comfort and productivity.

You can purchase hundreds of different sawmills from Beiler’s, including circular sawmills, chainsaw mills, and band saw mills. You can also purchase a Wood-Mizer sawmill, such as the WM1000, which comes with a hydraulic loader and attachments for sanding and planing.


The Eager Beaver wood processor is built for high-volume firewood production. Its dual-screw design and hopper with a capacity of 4 cubic yards per minute make it an excellent choice for firewood processing and log splitting. The machine features a programmable timer and a user-friendly manual. It also comes with a warranty. The company was established in 1992 and is located in Mora, Minnesota. Its competitors include the Beaver Woodeater and Wood-Beaver.

The McCulloch 2 splits wood using a wedge system and knife. This machine can split three to four full cords per hour. Its chute is 32 feet long. It’s an excellent wood splitter and processor that is easy to use. Its owner’s manual is available online.


The Bell 4000 wood processor is one of the smaller wood processors on the market. It’s also less expensive than similar models made by other manufacturers. The 4000 is capable of converting many different types of wood into usable fuel. Its S2X 800 attachment can quarter logs in front and back ends. This feature improves productivity and operator comfort. It also provides an advantage over conventional methods, including four-way log splitters.


The 6000C is designed to process logs up to 23-1/2 inches in diameter. To handle smaller logs, Bell’s engineers have added an eight-way wedge, and a kick plate that allows the operator to rotate and reposition the wood in the splitting chamber. This allows the processor to process double the amount of cords per hour as advertised.

The 6000C computer has an incredibly fast processor. It has two central processors, each of which is capable of performing a million instructions per second. It uses a unified arithmetic function unit. This makes it a superior option compared to the previous 6000C.