Palax Fire Wood Processor

After a slow start, Palax’s fire wood processor has been doing very well in the European market. Business in the late spring and late summer was particularly good. But then, the corona pandemic hit and people became extremely cautious about using firewood. However, the business has recovered quite nicely in Europe, and now it seems that everything is back on track. It is easy to adjust, operate, and maintain.

Easy to operate

The Palax D360 is a tractor-driven fire wood processor that has a 15″ hydraulic chainsaw, a 14.1-foot swinging discharge conveyor, and an automatic saw-chain lubricator. This fire wood processor is the ideal choice for processing varying diameter trees. The D360’s foldable conveyor makes it easy to store and transport in tight spaces. It also has quick-releases for convenience.

The machine features a high-quality design that includes an in-feed conveyor and a swinging discharge conveyor. It also features an automatic high-speed valve that increases splitting speed and a debris grate that collects wood debris. It also features lubricated ball bearings to ensure long-term reliability.

The C1000 is another option for easy wood splitting. It features an automatic rapid-motion valve and a 1000mm hard-metal cutting blade that’s maintenance-free and easy to maintain. It also comes with a joystick to control the split length. Its automatic V-belt tightening increases service life and makes it easy to adjust the length of the splitting process for different types of wood.

The Palax D360 is a top model in the D-Series. Its 15″ chainsaw is capable of cutting logs up to 36 cm thick, making it an excellent choice for firewood processing. The input conveyor makes hard work easier, and the automatic oiler lubricates the blade evenly throughout the process. It also features a 4.3-meter discharge conveyor with a swinging conveyor for easy trailer loading.

Easy to install

The easy to install Palax fire wood processor is a highly efficient way to make firewood. It is equipped with a two-chain discharge conveyor and an open-underside design. Moreover, the conveyor can be turned to the side to maximise capacity. The machine is also suitable for bag packing.

The Palax C750 has a 750 mm hard-tip blade, an improved gripper and a 4.3 m turning outfeed conveyor. These features ensure fast and smooth processing. In addition, the automatic rapid motion valve guarantees a quick and easy process. These are just some of the many advantages of Palax fire wood processors.

The Palax C900 fire wood processor is a powerful machine, suited for professional use. It comes with an automatic height adjustment of the splitting wedge. It is available in both tractor-powered and electric versions. This firewood processor is also available in a tractor-powered version.

This firewood processor comes with a chainsaw. A chainsaw requires lubrication between the chain bar. The modern firewood processors have automatic chain lubrication and stepless adjustments to reduce oil waste. They are easy to install and operate. They are also durable and quiet.

Easy to maintain

A Palax fire wood processor is simple to maintain and ready to use from the moment it is delivered. The processor features a quick release conveyor and an easy to use winch discharge system. These features are important for maximizing capacity. The machine is delivered completely assembled, so the installation is simple.

Cleaning the firewood processor will ensure that it will be as effective as possible for many years. The cleaner the processor is, the easier it will be to see if any parts need maintenance. A clean machine is also much more enjoyable to use. It is also important to grease the grease nipples before storing it.

The Palax D360 tractor-driven fire wood processor is equipped with a 15″ hydraulic chainsaw, an eighteen-inch-long in-feed conveyor, a 14.1-inch swinging discharge conveyor, and an automatic saw-chain lubricator. The processor is one of the most productive in its class, thanks to its 750-mm blade and excellent log flow. It also comes with a rugged splitting blade that reduces the risk of accidents.

Another easy to maintain fire wood processor is the Palax D410. It meets the needs of professional users, and features an improved pusher design. It also boasts of improved splitting speed and a more advanced crushing system. It can handle heavy wood and is rated for two to three cords per hour. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter.

Easy to adjust

The Wolverine M portable fire wood processor is ideal for small businesses, homeowners, and farmers. This model features a live deck and a swinging log lift system for easier handling. It also comes with a safety screen and dual hydraulic cylinders. It is easy to adjust and has a high output potential.

This new-generation fire wood processor comes with a fully hydraulic control, 4.3-metre disturbance-free output conveyor, and a hydraulic log clamp. It also features an automatic high-speed valve. This ensures high-speed operation regardless of the log’s size and thickness. The result is consistent firewood that’s perfect for use in a wood-fired stove, hot tub, or sauna.

One of the most important features of a fire wood processor is its easy-to-use features. The Hakki MultiBlade will split logs into 24 or eight pieces, and its automatic hydraulic height adjustment will produce consistently high-quality firewood. It also features a unique sensor that measures the diameter of each log.

Another great feature of the Parallax D360 fire wood processor is its adjustable chain saw. With a 15-inch cutting width, it is capable of processing logs up to 14.2 inches in diameter. Its automatic oiler will evenly lubricate the chain saw blade throughout the process.

X-Aim system

The X-Aim system allows for automatic measurement of the diameter of a new log. This feature helps to achieve high productivity. The X-Aim system measures the diameter of the new log before cutting it, ensuring an even cut and improved output for miscellaneous timber. The system can also give real-time data regarding the productivity of your work. For instance, you can check the number of saw squares, hours of operation and number of measurements by using the display on the X-Aim.

The X-Aim system can be installed on a variety of different firewood processors, including chain saw and circular saw machines. These machines can process wood up to 19 inches in diameter and can produce one to three cords per hour. The machines come with PTO and 3-point hitches, and can split wood up to twelve ways. The machines are durable, and they are simple to operate.

The X-Aim system on the Palax fire wood processor monitors the diameter of a log and automatically adjusts the splitting wedge accordingly. This adds efficiency to firewood production, and it also results in consistently high quality firewood. In addition to the X-Aim system, other features of the Palax fire wood processor include an infeed conveyor, adjustable speed discharge conveyor, and a 4.3 m long discharge conveyor.

The X-Aim system is a unique feature that makes this machine stand out among competitors. This system also ensures a clean cut and makes work faster. Furthermore, the machine comes with safety interlocks and two-handed controls for safety. The company manufactures the machines in Warwickshire and sells them all over the UK.


The safety of a Palax fire wood processor should be of the utmost importance for everyone using it. The company produces firewood processors that are of high quality. For more information, you can check out their Product Catalog 2020. If you are interested in purchasing a Palax fire wood processor, you will be glad to know that these products have been tested and proven safe for use.

The X-Aim safety system monitors the log diameter and adjusts the splitting wedge automatically to the optimal height. This feature helps reduce the risk of injury and increases the efficiency of firewood production. In fact, the X-Aim system saves you time and energy while you’re splitting wood. This ensures high quality firewood every time.

The Wolverine M portable fire wood processor is ideal for home use or for small wood business use. Its high-quality design includes an in-feed conveyor and a swinging discharge conveyor. It also includes an automatic high-speed valve for maximum splitting speed. The splitter also has a debris grate to catch wood debris. It also features lubricated ball bearings for durability.

KS 35 fire wood processor is ideal for small trees and comes with a 15″ hydraulic chainsaw, an 86.6-inch-long in-feed conveyor, and an automatic saw-chain lubricator. Its high-capacity and high-quality construction allows it to process a lot of firewood and fill up a trailer quickly. It is powered by tractor power and has a 4-cubic-meter capacity.

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