Pinosa Firewood Processor EPCL400

The Pinos firewood processor EPCL400 is a multifunctional machine created to cut down large chunks of wood. This machine uses multiple knives and can split materials up to 8.000mm in length. It cuts to a programmable measurement without leaving any discard. It is also easy to operate and can be easily stored.


Pinos has introduced a new wood processor, the EPCL400, that will process mixed materials and wood trunks. The machine has an adjustable multiple split grille and can handle a variety of material sizes and shapes. It is designed to run on a single operator and is equipped with a high-performance hydraulic motor. Its transmission system eliminates the need for belts and is highly safe. Its safety features include emergency stops, protection, and electronic security systems.

Splitting grid with multiple knives

The Pinos wood processor uses a multiple knife grid to split logs. The multiple knives form a grid that helps distribute splitting forces evenly across the wood. The machine is available with either manual or motorized feeding. It supports logs of various lengths and diameters.

Material length from 800 mm to 8.000 mm

The stationary Pinosa wood processor supports material lengths of up to 8.000 mm and a diameter of 50 to 600 mm. Its cracking power varies from 20 to 70 tons. It is equipped with a programmable cutting system that automatically adjusts the speed and rise of the cutting disc and the blocking jaw. It also manages the movement of the splitting grid, which moves according to a program for centering the sawed block. The processor supports many cutting options, including cutting in a fixed block length without discarding any part.