Placeable Wood Processor For Farming Simulator 17

In Farming Simulator 17 (FS17), Placeables are decorative items that you can buy and place anywhere on the map. Once placed, they will stay in place until they are sold. Some are purely decorative, while others have useful functions for your farm. You can also cut Placeable Trees and sell them, although they’re not particularly profitable.

Changes to placeable wood processor

A major change to FS 17’s placeable wood processor is the addition of a new option to customize the length of the logs harvested with the wood harvester. This new feature will make the process of harvesting logs a lot easier for farmers. Players will no longer have to waste time cutting logs by hand and will be able to process multiple logs at once.


Depending on how much wood you plan to process, you can buy a small or a large wood processor. If you plan to sell wood, you may want a larger machine to process larger logs. For those who want to use wood in their home, a smaller machine can process less than four cords per hour. But, if you plan to sell firewood, you will need a larger machine for larger jobs.

You can choose to buy the Jenz HE700StA, which is a placeable machine. This machine can process up to 5m logs. The price of this machine is considerably less than the cost of the heating plant. The type of wood processor that you buy will depend on the size of your logging operation and whether you plan to sell the logs as fuel or for chips. If you plan to buy a large processor, make sure you can make up the cost by selling a lot of logs. Otherwise, get the cheapest option and make do with manual labor.


The FS19 game is the successor to the popular FS17 game, and Samson has been added to the family. While some of the DLC vehicles from FS17 will be removed and replaced by new ones, the game is expected to feature an expanded vehicle selection. So far, the game features 38 new vehicles, with more to come. However, this number is subject to change depending on what is shown at Gamescom. In the first gameplay video, the game was visually stunning, with excellent quality.

While the vast majority of the map is valid Placeable territory, owners must adhere to the rules about collision and ownership. For instance, Placeables may not collide with solid objects or buildings. They must also be placed far enough away from other machines and trees to avoid colliding with them.

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