Portable Wood Processor Shootout

What is a Portable Wood Processor Shootout?

A Portable Wood Processor Shootout is a comparison of different portable wood processors in terms of their capacity, power, efficiency, and other performance metrics. It can help woodworkers determine which machine best meets their needs in terms of cutting speed, chip size, and overall cost. Shootouts typically involve a variety of portable wood processors from different brands, with each machine tested on a variety of metrics, such as cutting speed, chip size, and power consumption. The results are then compared, and the best performer is typically chosen. It is important to note that these shootouts are generally conducted by independent testers, and not the manufacturer of the product.

Whether you’re a contractor or just a backyard woodworker, it’s important to have a good portable wood processor. You can use one of several models to get the job done. We looked at the Transaw, Japa 405, Sun Joe LJ10M, and Cord King.

Cord King

The Cord King firewood processor is a Canadian company and claims to be the fastest portable firewood processor on the market. Its cycle time for splitting and cutting wood is only four seconds. The company builds its machines in Ottawa, Ontario. It uses a circular cutoff saw to process wood. The blades are durable and last for about 1500 cords before they need sharpening. Sharpening takes about 20 minutes and requires a simple sharpening tool. The company recommends that you start off with clean logs to get the most from your processor.

The CS-Series models of the Cord King portable wood processor have the highest production rates on the market today. These machines are powered by a 50-127 HP diesel engine and are capable of processing four to ten cords of firewood per hour. They are also built with industry-leading cut-to-cut times of 3 to 5 seconds.


The Transaw portable wood processor is one of the most affordable options available on the market, and comes with an impressive array of features. The company offers a medium-duty and heavy-duty model with processing capacities of up to six cubic meters per hour. These processors also feature low power and running costs and consistent high outperformance. For instance, the Transaw C1000 features a hard-metal blade, 4.3-meter discharge conveyor, and variable speed control.

The Transaw SC-16 Firewood Processor is an industrial-grade machine that’s easy to use and transport. Its compact design and excellent build quality make it an excellent option for a small work centre. It can be operated by a single operator and comes complete with all the safety requirements needed for safe operation.

Japa 405

The Japa 405 portable wood processor is one of the newest models of firewood processors. It has a smart system and sensors that control the machine’s operation. These sensors measure the machine’s performance and adjust the settings accordingly. The intelligent system helps it split logs of different sizes efficiently. It has two splitting methods, one for logs up to 37 cm and the other for smaller logs up to 25 cm.

This portable wood processor is designed for homeowners, farmers, and small-scale wood businesses. The Japa 405 features Perfect Split and Clean technologies that provide consistent-sized firewood and eliminate dirt. The machine features two separate pumps that run on either a tractor PTO or a 3-Phase Electric motor.

The processor has a wide feed conveyor for chopping wood logs. This allows it to handle large volumes of wood at once. The machine’s spiral-blade cutter offers consistent cuts and low power consumption. It also has a wide conveyor that reduces the risk of jamming.

Sun Joe LJ10M

The Sun Joe LJ10M is a portable wood processor with a high-quality, durable construction. This model is equipped with a powerful RAM spring that resets the wood quickly. Its frame and body are made of premium-quality steel. Dual handles and piston rods allow you to easily move the machine around. It also has multiple wheels for portability.

The Sun Joe LJ10M hydraulic log splitter is ideal for processing large logs in your yard. It produces up to 10 tons of driving force and can split logs up to eight inches in diameter. Its sturdy steel construction is built to stand up to heavy-duty use. Moreover, it has rear wheels for easy mobility.

While manual log splitters don’t provide the power to split massive logs like gas-powered models, they are still a great choice for smaller wood splitting jobs. And compared to electric or gas-powered models, manual ones are much cheaper. And they require almost no maintenance. Moreover, they come with an illustrated manual, which makes them easy to use.

Corona 10-inch folding saw

The Corona 10-inch folding saw is a lightweight, portable wood processor that features an anti-rust cover and curved ergonomic handle. It also comes with a sturdy sheath and a lifetime warranty. The saw has a 7-inch 65Mn spring-steel blade with a triple-ground tooth pattern.

This saw is designed to chop up small to medium branches and is lightweight enough to be carried by ATV. It also features a curved blade for a faster, cleaner cut than a conventional saw. It also features an ergonomic handle for comfortable all-day use. The saw is easy to use and stores in small spaces.

Range-Road RR270PTO

The Range-Road RR270 PTO portable wood processor is a powerful, mobile machine that produces over a cord of firewood per hour. It uses a hydraulic pump with 83Lpm flow rate to split logs up to 16in in diameter into small pieces. It features a discharge conveyor and hydraulic log feed.

This machine has a ten-ton driving force, which is more than sufficient to split large logs into smaller ones. It also has a large capacity – up to 18″ long and 8″ wide – which means it can handle a variety of log sizes. It is also lightweight and easy to transport thanks to its rolling design. Its cycle time is 22 seconds, so it’s great for commercial use.

Another great choice for a small wood processor is the Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro. This machine can process a full cord of wood per hour and has a dual-drive system. This powerful machine is ideal for home use, small businesses, or professionals looking to increase productivity.