Posch Wood Processor

If you’re looking for a new wood processor for your backyard, consider one of the many models offered by Posch. The K-540 Firewood Processor has a 55-cm cutting capacity and a 50-cm finished log length. Another model, the S-415 Vario, has a 100-cm tungsten-tipped circular saw blade and an automatic splitting unit with a 12T splitting force.

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SpaltFix S-377 Multi

The SpaltFix S-377 Multi is a high-performance firewood processor with a 22-kW e-motor. It has a 400-volt S6 power supply and a 32-amp device plug. It can process up to 12 grumes per operation.

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The SpaltFix S-377 is also known as the Jin Cou. This model is known in China as the Jin Cou. It is a powerful device and can be used for various woodworking tasks. It is also easy to operate and does not require special training.

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SensoSplit 35

The Posch SensoSplit 35 is a short log-splitting machine that processes logs with a diameter of 10 to 50 cm and a length of 55 cm. It features a maximum stamp advance speed of 8/15 cm/s with Autospeed, a hydraulic splitting wedge adjustment, and can be operated by one or two people. It also features a reversible working speed and a convenient single-lever activation.

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The SensoSplit 35 has a high load height for feeding wood, and an optional work or feeding table facilitates feeding the wood. The SensoSplit can also be equipped with a hydraulically operated wood feeder belter, which brings round wood to the machine. The finished billets are loaded onto a four- or six-m-long conveyor belt or longitudinal chassis. A PTO or electric motor can power the SensoSplit 35.

Zyklon Sawdust and Chip Extractor 400

The Zyklon Sawdust and chip extractor 400 for Posch wood processor is an excellent tool for woodworking. It is an efficient device that separates wood chips from the air. Unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, the Zylon 400 can collect chips and dust in a central location. It is also suitable for smaller firewood processors and saws. The Zylon cyclone filter helps keep your machine and your workplace dust-free.

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