PTO Driven Wood Processor

What is PTO Driven Wood Processor?

A PTO driven wood processor is a heavy-duty machine that is powered by a power take-off (PTO) system from a tractor or other vehicle. It is used to cut, split, and process logs into firewood, chips, or sawdust. It typically features a powerful circular saw, an adjustable splitting wedge, and a powerful hydraulic log lift. It also typically has a conveyor belt system for faster processing. PTO driven wood processors provide faster and more efficient wood processing than manual labor, and are ideal for large-scale firewood production.

There are a number of advantages to choosing a PTO-driven wood processor for your business. These include portability, ease of use, and low maintenance. A compact PTO firewood processor is ideal for seasonal use. This type of firewood processor is easy to store and performs well in any weather. In addition, if you operate your business from a mobile location, you’ll need a processor that can be lifted easily and set up quickly.

Lumag SSA400Z

The Lumag SSA400Z PTO driven wood processor is an efficient tool that can split firewood for single-person operation. The machine’s chainsaw slices wood and drops it into the splitting chamber where it splits into logs of suitable length. It has a heavy-duty steel chassis and is powered by a 400cc petrol engine. It also comes with a PTO drive option and full parts and service support.

A good wood processor should have a variety of safety features to protect the operator from injuries. Safety features include automatic controls, a safety guard, and log lift. It can also accommodate logs of up to 16″ diameter and is capable of processing logs with up to eight wedges. It also has a folding loading elevator and infeed/outfeed conveyor.

Another excellent firewood processor is the Pilkemaster EVO30 PTO. It offers the lowest price tag of the EVO series, yet it is still capable of processing logs of up to 12 inches in diameter. The engine can be powered by gasoline or tractor PTO. The machine features a patented handle for picking the first log.

Continental 480

The Continental 480 PTO driven wood processor is one of the most efficient firewood processors available in the market today. It features a splitting force of 22 tons and a cutting diameter of 48 cm. It has a single joystick control that allows for ease of operation. It also has an OREGON Armor bar and 404 pitch chain that are easily accessible from the operator side. It also has a hydraulically rotated guide bar and a conveyor that can extend up to 5 meters.

Another benefit of PTO firewood processors is their portability. They can be moved easily across a yard and are less expensive to operate than engines and electric processors. You can also use these processors for contracting work. You can easily store them when not in use and they provide the same quality of performance in any weather.

Another great feature of the Continental 480 PTO driven wood processor is its hydraulic log deck and rolls. These combine to split a significant amount of hardwood, and are controlled with a joystick. It also has an infeed conveyor belt and supports for the cut timber. It has hydraulic ports as standard and can be upgraded with extra knives and log decks.

The compact PTO firewood processor is perfect for seasonal work. It does not require much space in the shed and delivers the same quality performance no matter what the weather. It is also lightweight and easy to store. The tractor preheater helps to warm the machine up even in cold weather. And, it does not require yearly maintenance.


The Uniforest range of processors offer the versatility to process logs in a wide range of sizes and log types. Designed with efficiency in mind, they are powered by a hydraulic drive and feature two, four, six and eight-way splitting knives. This allows them to process logs of various sizes in a short amount of time. The processors also boast an industry-leading cut-to-cut time of less than five seconds.

A Uniforest pto driven wood processor combines speed and automatic controls with a tungsten carbide saw blade. It is available in two configurations – mobile and stationary. A single operator can operate both types of the processor. The Uniforest PC 704 EZ/ 4 is ideal for one-man operations.

The Uniforest PTO firewood processor is equipped with a circular blade and automatic controls for maximum speed and efficiency. It can handle logs up to 16” in diameter. It operates on a 50hp tractor and comes with multiple wedges and an in-feed and outfeed conveyor. In short, it does the job of multiple machines.

The Uniforest pto driven wood processor is an excellent choice for commercial and residential use. It requires low power and space requirements and is easy to attach to a tractor. It can process up to two cords per hour. This versatile machine is easy to operate and maintain with its simple and logical controls.

Japa 365+ Pro with 3-phase electric

The Japa 365+ Pro is a professional grade wood processor that is operated by a PTO or electric motor, and is a great choice for professional use. It is equipped with a power infeed conveyor and a 14-inch capacity cutting blade. Its hydraulics optimize cutting performance, and its mechanical lever raises the processing knife for clean cuts. This wood processor is built for professional use, with a 30 or 35 horsepower power supply.

This portable wood processor is a great choice for contractors and backyard woodworkers alike. Depending on the model, it can process up to six cubic meters of wood per hour. It is also very efficient and low-maintenance. It is easy to operate, has great build quality, and safety features.

Pilkemaster EVO36

Pilkemaster’s EVO36 pto driven wood processor is a highly productive machine that is built for high output and ease of use. It has a timber lifter that is able to handle logs three to four meters long. The machine’s ‘V’-shaped infeed grips the log during both feeding and splitting. The user can set the width of the cutting surface to anywhere between 15 and 60cm.

The EVO36 HC is powered by a gasoline engine or tractor PTO. The machine comes standard with a 2/4 splitting knife. It is also available with optional 0/2, 2/6 and 2/8 knives. The Pilkemaster EVO36 HC features a sturdy metallic grate below the splitting groove that helps catch sawdust and small wood waste particles. This makes the sawing process faster and easier.

The EVO36 has a powerful 18 horsepower engine that can process logs up to 14.5 inches in diameter. This model also has an adjustable frame for the user’s comfort. Moreover, the auto-lubricated chainsaw cuts logs easily. The open structure underneath the splitting groove prevents any buildup on the machine, which allows for high output. The machine’s automatic force control allows for splits of four, six, or eight parts.

The Pilkemaster EVO36 is a popular machine among wood processors. It has a wide range of functions, including an auto reversing system and an adjustable feed rate. It is also easy to clean, and the operator can use it safely in many locations.