PTO Power Wood Processor

A PTO power wood processor is a highly portable tool powered by your tractor. It can be easily moved from one location to another, which makes it helpful in contracting work. It also has a high-quality motor that delivers fast and consistent performance. Listed below are a few models to consider. They are all very portable and easy to use. They are suited for various applications, from contracting to home use.

Lumag SSA400Z

The Lumag SSA400Z PTO power firewood processor is durable equipment that allows a single operator to split firewood. This wood processor cuts wood with a 9.5-kW chainsaw and drops it into a splitting chamber. The blades of the saw split the wood in either one or two directions depending on the setting. The machine is solidly built and has a trailer chassis for easy transportation. It is delivered unassembled and requires a signature upon delivery.

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The PTO power wood processor is highly portable and is suited for contractors and seasonal operations. They are affordable compared to engine-driven or electric versions. Moreover, the machine is easy to store, lift, and transport. A compact processor also offers better portability and is easy to use and operate.

Japa 365+ Basic

The Japa 365+ Basic is a good starter machine for those just starting to process wood. It has a hydraulically powered adjustable bar oil pump and a separate oil reservoir. The oil system means less friction and more extended bar and chain life. The machine is also compatible with a timber deck and log lifters.

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The Japa 365+ Basic firewood processor is designed for easy mobility and effortless operation. A Honda iGX700 v-twin gas engine powers the chainsaw and hydraulics. These engines provide smooth, powerful performance and are very reliable. The chainsaw and hydraulic cylinder are operated by holding the saw handle in the lower position.

Another popular Japa firewood processor is the Japa 435. Its patented cleaning mechanism and split knife make it suitable for processing both soft and hardwood. This machine produces clean firewood of consistent quality. Its 20-inch bar allows for the input of logs up to 43 cm in diameter. Other features of this machine include a 15 kW electric motor and tractor power take-off.

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A Uniforest power wood processor is a compact, lightweight machine with automatic controls and a circular blade for high speed and efficient cutting logs. It can handle records up to 16 inches in diameter. It works with a 50-horsepower tractor and comes standard with multiple wedges and an infeed/outfeed conveyor. Its versatility means it can perform the jobs of several machines in one machine.

If you own a tractor, consider purchasing a PTO-powered firewood processor. They are highly portable and cheaper than engine or electric-powered units. Unlike the engine-powered models, a PTO-powered machine can be easily moved around your yard and is ideal for contract work.

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The Uniforest power wood processor is designed for small-scale wood processing projects. It uses low-cost power and allows you to process multiple logs at once. It has a broad output conveyor that prevents jamming. The unit is durable and easy to maintain. In addition to its high-quality design, the Uniforest PTO power wood processor is easy to operate.

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