PTO Powered Firewood Processors and 3 Point Hitch Wood Splitter

PTO powered firewood processors and 3 point hitch wood splitters are two options to consider when looking for a firewood processor. Here are some of the more popular models, including the Continental 480 and Pilkemaster EVO36. These products can be used with a tractor and can be easily attached and detached. These tools also make the work of splitting wood easy and fast. For more information, check out the links below!

PTO powered firewood processors

There are several different PTO powered firewood processors available on the market. Some are free-standing while others are mounted on a tractor. PTO powered firewood processors are ideal for seasonal operations because they are easy to store and provide the same level of performance in all weather conditions. The right firewood processor will be easy to lift and use, which is important for mobile operations.

PTO powered firewood processors have a lower purchase price than engine-driven models. However, this lower initial cost is only part of the overall life cycle cost of the product. The resale value and operating efficiency are lower with these models, but they may still be cheaper than the alternatives.

Firewood processors are important tools for cutting a large amount of firewood. There are many different types of firewood processors available on the market, including hydraulic, electric, and PTO powered firewood processors. Most of these machines can split logs of different diameters, and the number of splits depends on the diameter of the logs. A good firewood processor can handle logs up to 2 feet in diameter.

A 3-point hitch on a tractor makes it easy to move a firewood processor. Using a PTO powered firewood processor can save a lot of money and is also easier to maintain. You can also use a tractor that has a gasoline engine to power the unit.

3 point hitch wood splitters

Three point hitch wood splitters have multiple benefits for the homeowner. They are highly versatile and come with two different knife designs. One blade features a double sided cut and the other is a four way cut. Both options offer quick, safe, and easy interchange. There are a variety of models to choose from, so it’s important to know the differences before making your purchase.

The Split-fire 3203 is one of the most popular 3 point wood splitters, with thousands of units sold around the world. It’s a versatile machine, built to fit on medium-to-large-frame tractors. A large tractor can easily move the 3203 from one side of the yard to the other, and it only takes nine seconds to complete a cycle.

The 3 point log splitter will help you split wood in a short period of time, so you can harvest more firewood in less time. It can also be used to split tough, wet wood that has many knots. It’s a great tool for anyone who needs to cut wood from different sources.

Unlike a two-point log splitter, three point log splitters run on the power of a tractor. This means they don’t require small gas engines or electric cords, making them convenient for a variety of situations. Additionally, they don’t require constant maintenance like gas and electricity.

Pilkemaster EVO36

The Pilkemaster EVO36 has a double hydraulic pump and has an innovatively designed V-shaped infeed table that separates logs into two, four, six, or eight pieces. This is an extra-fast processor that also features an auto-lubricated sawchain. Unlike other wood processors, the Pilkemaster EVO36 includes a patented V-shaped infeed table that replaces both the feeding conveyor and splitting piston.

The Pilkemaster EVO36 wood processor is easy to transport with its 3-point hitch. The machine can be moved easily with a forklift or loader forks. It is also equipped with a trailer. The trailer can be a simple axel and tire combination or a fully-road-legal trailer.

The Pilkemaster EVO36 has an optional hydraulic feeding roll. It helps with feeding logs that are too long or heavy to be fed by hand. This feature can also be switched to a 10-ton hydraulic cylinder. The log-lifter is a very efficient piece of equipment and will make your life easier.

The Pilkemaster EVO36 is the most popular of the second-generation EVO-series firewood processors. It is a PTO or gasoline-powered machine and can process logs up to 14.5 inches in diameter. This machine is similar to the EVO30 but has faster hydraulics. It also has a larger cutting area and can process logs up to 36cm in diameter.

Continental 480

The Continental 480 is a 3 point hitch, 48-inch, electric-joystick powered wood processor that is the big brother of the Continental 414. It has many features, including a 22-ton splitter, a hydraulic slewing conveyor, and a 2/4 splitting wedge. It comes in six, eight, and twelve split configurations.

The Continental 480 offers the most powerful firewood processor in its class. Its 48-cm-diameter cutting width and 22-ton splitting force will make it a powerful addition to any farm. The 480 also features an OREGON Armor bar and a 404 pitch chain. These two pieces of equipment are accessible from the operator side of the machine. The machine also features a hydraulically-operated conveyor that can extend five meters.


The Uniforest 3 point hitch wood processor is a versatile piece of equipment. This powerful machine features a circular blade for speedy processing and automatic controls. It’s designed to handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter and is operated with a 50-horsepower tractor. The machine comes standard with multiple wedges and includes a log lift and outfeed conveyor. This versatile piece of equipment can do the work of two or more machines.


If you’re looking for a firewood processor that’s easy to use, you should consider the Tajfun 3 point hitch firewood processor. It features a three-point hitch system that makes it easy to move around, fold-able infeed conveyor, right-fall into the splitting tube, and high-speed cutting. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and can be used by contractors and farmers.

The Tajfun RCA 480 Joy firewood processor is a highly capable machine that can split logs up to 19 inches long and can saw them into five to 20-inch lengths. The unit has a folding infeed conveyor for convenient transportation and features a high-speed chainsaw with 12000 rpm, swinging laps, and a patented splitting cylinder that has 250 KN/25 tons of splitting force. It also comes with an automatic wedge position and can run on a tractor with a 3-point hitch.

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