Range Road EcoPro300 Road Range Wood Processor

What is a Road Range Wood Processor?

A Road Range Wood Processor is a machine used for cutting and splitting logs. It is composed of a conveyor belt, which transports the logs to the cutting blades, and a hydraulic splitting wedge which splits the logs into pieces. This machine is used to efficiently produce wood chips, sawdust and firewood logs. It is an ideal solution for a number of industries, including landscaping, construction and forestry. It is also highly efficient, with a typical production rate of up to 1,500 cubic metres of wood chips per hour. Furthermore, Road Range Wood Processors are designed to be easy to maintain and operate, with a simple user interface and automated safety features.

The Range Road EcoPro300 Firewood Processor is loaded with features and is a great choice for a wood processor. Its 27 Ton engine has extra torque for cutting and splitting wood in a single operation. It can also produce over a cord of split firewood per hour. Read on to learn more about this powerful machine.

EcoPro300 Firewood Processor

The EcoPro300 Road Range Wood Processor is loaded with features. Its two horsepower engines have extra torque and pushing power to cut and split wood in one operation. It produces over a cord of cut firewood per hour. This machine is also equipped with safety features that protect its operator.

Operating instructions

If you want to split firewood efficiently, consider the Range Road RR27PTO firewood processor. This machine features hydraulic ports and a power-operated log table. It has a capacity of 27 tons and is compatible with most tractors. It comes with a two-year rental warranty and includes a manual. It is made of powder-coated steel parts.

The Range Road EcoPro300 firewood processor is equipped with numerous features and comes with a choice of engine. This model offers the pushing power of a 20-ton unit with the extra torque of a 27-ton unit. This wood processor can process over a cord of cut firewood per hour.


The Range Road RR270PTO is a tractor-mounted wood processor that comes with hydraulic ports. The machine can split and cut logs up to 20 inches in length and can process up to a cord of firewood per hour. It comes with a powered log table and a PackFix log wrapping machine.

Range Road offers a full line of small logging equipment. They also offer a firewood processor called the Econoburn 200. This machine has a capacity of 1000 Imp gal of storage, and it has a 20×26 boiler room. This machine has a four-way wedge, an integrated 14-foot conveyor, and a 10-foot working area.

Where to buy

The Range Road EcoPro300 firewood processor is a powerful machine that comes with a wealth of features. This machine comes with your choice of engine, and boasts the pushing power of a 20 Ton unit, and the added torque of a 27 Ton unit. It can cut and split wood simultaneously, and produces over a cord of cut firewood per hour.

DYNA firewood processors can split up to 22-foot logs, and can split up to 4 cords per hour. For more, you will have to pay a $60 overage fee. Range Road Enterprises USA sells small logging equipment, including firewood processors and saws.