Range Road RR20T Portable Wood Processor

If you are looking for a portable wood processor, look no further than the Range Road RR20T wood processor. It is built in China and features a wide variety of features. This processor is a great addition to any backyard. Its features include an outdoor unit with a capacity of 1000 Imp gals, a 110ft to house distance, and a 20×26 boiler room.

RR500 stand-alone conveyor

The Range Road RR500 stand-alone wood processor is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. With its heavy steel frame, it can handle materials as diverse as firewood, mulch, hay, compost, and recycled materials. Designed to fit on the most common types of high-production firewood processors, it is perfect for use on a wide variety of jobs.


The Range Road RR20T wood processor is backed by a warranty that covers parts for a year. The warranty covers defects in the parts and machinery, but excludes labour costs. In addition, it does not cover product accessories. The warranty only applies to the first owner of the product.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, commercial or rental use, or negligence. It also doesn’t cover parts or engines that have been modified. In some cases, the warranty may be voided if the customer has attempted to modify the product or has violated the operating and assembly instructions.


The Range Road RR20T is a powerful wood processor that comes with a 3.2-meter conveyor. It can be upgraded to a five-meter conveyor with hydraulics. Moreover, it does not require a second engine. The machine is also easy to operate. It is recommended that you only operate it outdoors because of the noxious fumes from the engine. You should also be careful when using it indoors because of the muffler, which can cause burns.

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