Range Road RR2500 Wood Processor

Range Road wood processors are renowned for their superior quality and superior performance. Whether you need a small unit or a full-scale mill, the RR2500 can be the perfect choice for your needs. This machine comes with a variety of advanced features. For instance, it offers hydraulic infeed. This enables you to feed logs to the saw and quickly and easily cut them into small pieces.


The RR2500 hydraulic infeed system is designed to connect to most RR2000 models without any modifications or welding. The machine comes with a control valve and mount that allows you to connect it to any RR2000 model. The RR2500 is a highly productive, cost-effective addition to your wood processing equipment.


If you’re in the market for a new wood processor, the RR30t may be a good choice. This machine is light and has the ability to split two cords of green frozen Aspen in less than an hour. However, you should be aware of several factors that can affect the speed of processing. The first factor to consider is the type of wood you’re going to be processing. For example, if you plan to burn the wood in a wood boiler, you’ll want large, slow-burning pieces. On the other hand, if you’re making firewood for an outdoor oven, you’ll want smaller pieces of fast-burning softwood. Ultimately, you’ll need to choose a wood processor that matches the size and species of logs you plan to process.

RR102 log lifter

The RR102 log lifter for wood processor is hydraulically-infed and features a chain log advance. The RR102 is compatible with most range-road firewood processors. Among these processors, the RR102 is compatible with the ECOPRO300, RR2000, and RR2500. Its features include a dual lever log lift, four stops, and chain-driven feed wheels.

This machine is designed to process logs up to one meter long. It can also process dry, bee-sawn timber. The log lifter allows for quick, efficient processing and saves labor costs. Compared to a firewood processor, the log lifter is much cheaper to purchase and operate. Hence, it is popular among domestic users.

If you are looking for a firewood processor that can easily fit into a small space, the Japa 395 Basic is an excellent choice. This machine has a 13.8-foot conveyor and a powered infeed conveyor. Moreover, it comes with a four-way wedge knife for quick cutting of smaller diameter wood. This machine is also available in mobile models. When you are looking for a wood processor, it is important to consider safety and quality.

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