Range Road Wood Processor

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What is the RR2500 Range Road Wood Processor?

The RR2500 Range Road Wood Processor is a powerful, heavy-duty machine designed to take large logs and turn them into usable lumber and firewood. It features a 25 HP Kohler engine, a 10” cutting capacity, and a 24” log deck. It is capable of producing up to 4,000 board feet of lumber per hour, and includes an adjustable discharge conveyor and an adjustable log deck. The RR2500 also features a self-feeding, hydraulic log grapple and a patented auto-splitter system, making it one of the most efficient wood processors on the market today.

If you are looking to buy a range road wood processor, you have several options. Among them is the RR2500. These machines are manufactured in China and are available in different capacities. You can also opt for the Econoburn 200. It features 1000 Imp gal storage and a 20×26 boiler room.


The RR2500 Range Road wood processor is an economical and highly efficient tool for processing wood. It features a hydraulic infeed, which allows you to feed logs to the cutting blades and cut them into small pieces. This unit also features a control valve for adjusting the amount of wood that provides the machine. This machine can be easily connected to the RR2000 models and requires no modifications. It also boasts superior performance and durability.

The RR2500 range road wood processor is designed to fit on your existing firewood processor. It also has an infeed table that connects to the processor via the deck. A hydraulic system controls the hydraulic lifter to help feed logs into the processor. The hydraulic lifter has a patented infeed table, portable infeed table, splitting piston, and a central hydraulic cylinder.

The RR105 Hydraulic Infeed with Log Lifter is designed to work with the Range Road RR2000, RR2500, and EcoPro firewood processors. This hydraulic table lifts logs and feeds them to the central processing chamber via a conveyor system. Its height and width are adjustable for easy access.


The RR2000 range road wood processor is a versatile machine that is easy to use and combines hydraulic infeed with chain log advance. The device can be paired with other firewood processing options, such as an EcoPro firewood processor or an RR2500 logging unit.

The RR105 hydraulic infeed is an add-on log lifter that connects to the Range Road RR2000 firewood processor. The hydraulic system feeds logs into the processor via the deck. It has a mobile log infeed table, a hydraulic cylinder, and a splitting piston.


The RR102 Range Road wood processor is a fully-featured outdoor unit that can process up to a cord of wood an hour. Its impressive specifications include a ten-ton engine with extra torque and pushing power and the ability to process both split and cut firewood in one operation. It is also highly adjustable in height. This versatile machine is easy to operate and maintain. It is also ideal for demos and demonstrations.

RR102 log table

The RR102 log table is a versatile accessory installed on any firewood processor, including the EcoPro300, RR2000, RR20T, and RR27PTO. It features an adjustable log deck and is easy to operate. It can load a large volume of timber at a time.

This versatile table has a hydraulic log lifter and transfer deck. Its hydraulics are controlled by a handle and are synchronized with the feeding table. A rear lifting deck raises the log-feeding table to receive the logs as they roll into the machine. Its patented handle allows it to pick up the first log without needing to adjust the feed table manually.

This log transfer deck makes loading timber much easier. The machine’s hydraulic system provides power and control, and its UHMW wear strip prevents damage to the logs. It also features a chain drive advancement system and automatic activation. A HakkiFeed 472 hydraulic log table is an excellent choice if you’re processing more extensive records. It features three conveying chains and mechanical separators to process logs efficiently.

RR105 hydraulic infeed

If you own a Range Road RR2500 or RR2000 firewood processor, you can use the RR105 Hydraulic Infeed with Log Lifter to feed logs into the processor. This hydraulic infeed lifts logs and drives a conveyor system within the firewood processor.

This hydraulic infeed control system consists of three rollers that move in either the infeed or outfeed direction. This hydraulic infeed system is designed to compensate for uneven log surfaces and has crossover relief and directional flow control. This system is also intended to reduce the risk of shock loading.