Remet Wood Processor

A Remet wood processor is a machine that cuts the wood into small chips. You can purchase these machines all over the world. If you’re interested in buying one, you can search for it on the internet. You can sort the results by the model or feature you find most interesting. You can also click on the ad to find out more information.

Remet wood chippers for sale worldwide

The global wood chipper market is divided into segments based on end-use. These segments include forestry and biomass, timber factories and sawmills, and paper and pulp. The latter is expected to register the highest growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period. China is the largest market in the Asia Pacific region. The country’s growing construction activity and increasing demand for sophisticated furniture are expected to increase the demand for wood chipper machines in the area.

These wood chippers can process wood pieces up to 3 inches in diameter. However, larger chippers can handle wood pieces up to 160 inches in diameter. They also have different blades, or flails, to enhance chipping power. A single blade can be more effective than many the wood piece is small enough.

The demand for wood chipper machines is increasing globally. With rapid urbanization, forests have been demolished in large areas. Additionally, wood chippers can be used for landscaping and gardening applications. Moreover, they can be used to create a substrate for cultivating mushrooms. These wood chipper machines will remove unwanted trees and make room for new growth regardless of their use.

Japa 395

The Japa 395 is the next generation of firewood processors. It features a hydraulic log stopper, an adjustable splitting knife, and a guide plate. It also has a joystick control that lets you control the different functions. It is available in Tractor PTO and 3-Phase Electric models. You can use either power source to power it, but you can use both if you prefer.

It is designed with high visibility and safety in mind. This makes it easy for you to maintain the machine. The guards can be removed when needed to access essential components. The guards are connected to the machine’s hydraulics, which makes maintenance easy. This also allows you to reposition logs safely.

16-24 Firewood Processor

The Remet Wood Processor 16-24 is a large firewood chipper that is economical enough for homeowners or small businesses to use yet large enough to process large logs. It features a 38 HP Kohler EFI big block gas engine and will process up to 3.5 cords an hour. This chipper also has a hydraulic lever-type control system that works the chain conveyor and hydraulic saw.

The 16-24 comes with a standard ten-strand hydraulic conveyor and a 2-strand live log deck. The live deck can be raised and lowered with a hydraulic 12-volt winch. The log deck can also be laid down for manual loading. The 16-24 also has a Kohler engine with a 20 bar pressure and can produce up to 1 to two cords of pulp per hour.

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