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If you’re looking for a fire wood processor for rent in Oregon, there are several different options. You can select a machine based on size, price, and fire suppression system. Most are easy to use and come with a one-year warranty. Some are also easily repairable by the owner. Blockbuster, an Oregon-based manufacturer of firewood processors, offers eight standard sizes and custom sizes, log maximizers, cut-to-length machines, and diesel models.

Cord King M-Series

When you rent a Cord King fire wood processor, you can enjoy the same benefits of owning one. The company offers flexible payment plans and lease-to-own options. You can even get your machine with no down payment. You can also choose between gas and diesel models, with engine horsepower ranging from 35 HP to 66 HP.

If you’re interested in renting a fire wood processor, there are a few things you need to get started. First, you need a truck or trailer. If you don’t own a truck, you may be able to borrow one or find one in the classifieds. You’ll also need a trailer to transport the wood.

Multitek 2020CSC

The Multitek 2020CSC fire wood processor is the first professional firewood processor to feature an integrated stacking conveyor and pintle hitch hook-up. This makes it easy to transport the machine from one location to another without the need for several trucks or two employees. This machine is an excellent choice for contract firewood processing. With the ability to produce windrow piles of firewood, the Multitek 2020CSC offers greater productivity and greater rental revenue.

Renting a fire wood processor is a common practice, with many people using them for testing purposes before purchasing. Typically, people rent firewood processors for a weekend, enough time to split and cut a winter’s supply of firewood. Alternatively, rent-to-own and DYNA leasing are available for long-term use.

Blockbuster 22-22

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner looking for firewood processing equipment, a Blockbuster 22-22 fire wood processor for rental in Oregon can do the job. These firewood processors are available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit your needs. Most come with a one-year warranty and are easy to repair if anything goes wrong. The company has been manufacturing firewood processors for over 28 years and offers machines in eight standard sizes, as well as custom sizes and models. You can choose from diesel, gasoline, or electric power, as well as right or left-hand models.

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Blockbuster 22-22 fire wood processor for hire in Oregon is made of sturdy and durable construction. It has a slatted bottom and a long, wide feed chute. It also has a self-cleaning system that can help you keep your firewood in good shape. It also has an optional side door to help prevent the buildup of ash on the floor.

Cord King CS-Series

If you’re looking to rent a fire wood processor, you may be wondering which of the models from Cord King is the best. These fire wood processors are designed to provide you with a fast and efficient way to process wood. Cord King builds every part of its machines in-house. Their M-Series models boast the highest production rates in their class, with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 5 cords of firewood per hour.

The CS-Series fire wood processor is designed to process small to medium-sized cords of wood. This is accomplished through a two-speed feed mechanism. The Cord King CS20-40 is one of the most powerful models, with a 50 to 127 HP diesel engine. It can produce 1.5 to five cords per hour, depending on the size of the cords.


If you are planning to split firewood, renting a DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor may be your best option. This model is equipped with an industrial-size frame and high-speed blades. The machine is powered by a Kohler diesel and comes with a triple pump. It is easy to operate and transport.

DYNA is a market leader in the firewood processor industry and has produced more than 1000 units. Their most popular models are the DYNA SC-14 fire wood processor and the SC15 and SC16 DYNA Saw Bars. They also sell electric and gas log splitters. DYNA also sells a wide selection of small logging equipment.

A firewood processor is an efficient way to process a large amount of firewood. However, firewood processors can be expensive. Renting a firewood processor can be a more affordable option. The RCA 400 JOY Firewood Processor, for example, is equipped with a 12 horsepower diesel engine, a 25-inch chainsaw, and a 14-foot SC16 belt conveyor.

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Hakki Pilke 55 Pro

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro fire wood processing machine is designed for effective firewood processing. It features an innovative cutting interface and a three-speed hydraulic splitting system for producing firewood with consistent quality. This machine has the cutting power to break down 55 cm logs into eight pieces, and the high-performance hydraulic functions ensure the safety and efficiency of the processing process.

The 55 Pro comes with an easy-to-use data monitoring system. This system shows you important data on your machine’s productivity and process. The data monitoring system is also used to control the machine’s functions.


If you live in Oregon or are in the region that has a dense wood supply, you may want to rent a DYNA SC-15 fire wood processor for your personal use. These units can split up to 22-foot logs and process four cords of firewood per hour. Overage fees of $60 per cord are applied if you do not finish your rental within the specified time period. These firewood processors are sold by Range Road Enterprises USA.

Before renting a DYNA fire wood processor, make sure you have received the necessary training. Using a firewood processor without proper training may lead to serious injuries or even death. Also, it’s important to follow operating instructions.


If you’re looking for a fire wood processor for rent in Oregon, you have many choices. Bell’s firewood processors are designed to be easy to operate and ruggedly built. They are also backed by a one-year parts and labor warranty. There are also many models to choose from, and Bell offers custom built machines as well.

Bell’s fire wood processors are known for their quality and performance. The 4000 series firewood processor is known for its large capacity and high output. It features a 115 horsepower diesel engine, a 60-inch cycle saw, a 48-inch splitter, and a conveyor. This machine can process three cords of hardwood firewood per hour.

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A DYNA fire wood processor is a great piece of equipment for a business or a home. Its two-year warranty gives you peace of mind when it comes to repair, exchange, or replacement. It is also available for rent for a small fee, making it a flexible choice for your home or business.

Before operating a DYNA fire wood processor, make sure you know how to use it. The machine is designed to be operated by a person with some experience, so make sure you read all instructions carefully. It is important that you know how to use the controls and how to set the engine’s speed and capacity. If you don’t know how to operate a DYNA fire wood processor, you could cause serious harm to yourself or others near the machine.

For those looking to rent a fire wood processor, Dyna Products offers several models. The SC-15 firewood processor is a versatile piece of equipment, featuring an integrated conveyor and a fourteen-foot cutting capacity. It has a powerful 230V/50Hz 1600-watt motor. It also comes with an optional hydraulic log loader, which will make it even easier to move logs.

DYNA SC-15 Tandem Axle

DYNA firewood processors deliver superior performance, portability, and durability. A three-year warranty, high-output frame, and heavy-duty construction are just a few of the features of this versatile equipment. If you’re looking for a portable machine that can handle thousands of cords per year, the DYNA SC-15 Tandem Axel Firewood Processor is the ideal choice.

The SC-15 Firewood Processor is quick and easy to operate. It has a Honda engine and a 13-horsepower PTO motor. It can process up to two cords of firewood an hour. It also comes with a heavy duty 18-inch harvester bar with a six-way bundling wedge and a hydraulic log clamp for quick, easy cutting.

The SC-15 is a versatile and safe firewood processor. It has a 14-foot cutting capacity and can process logs up to 22 inches in diameter. The SC-15 can also be used to process wood into large piles that can be hauled away by dump trucks or trailers.

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