Renting a Wood Processor

Renting a wood processor is a standard option for people who cannot justify buying one but would like to try one out before making the purchase. Rentals generally last for a weekend and are usually enough time for the average person to split and cut the winter’s supply of firewood. Rent-to-own options and DYNA leasing are also available for long-term use.

DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor

The DYNA SC-14 firewood processor is one of the best-selling firewood processors in the world. The machine can process up to 22-foot logs simultaneously and splits up to four cords of firewood in an hour. The device is portable, highly efficient, and ideal for various firewood processing jobs. The machine is available for rent and sale at DYNA Products.

The DYNA firewood processor is designed for commercial use and has a two-year warranty. It also features 48-month repair coverage. Renting one is an excellent option for commercial operators. The company offers multiple sizes of SC-14 for rental. You can choose the SC-15 or the SC-16 according to the daily number of logs you process.

The SC-14 Firewood Processor can choose a 40-HP Tier 4 CAT diesel engine or a PTO drive. It comes with vibration-reducing isolators and a frame extension to enable easier processing of larger logs. It has a 20-inch harvester bar and a 4″ x 24-inch hydraulic cylinder. Its four-way adjustable wedge and eight-way bundling wedge allow you to split logs up to 10″ in diameter. You can also opt for an optional Hi-Lo circuit for increased splitting performance and faster cycle times.

Renting a Wood Processor photo 3
Renting a Wood Processor photo 3

The DYNA SC-14 firewood processor is an ergonomically designed machine for home and commercial use. Its many features include:

  • An adjustable height belt conveyor.
  • Hydraulic deck lifters.
  • Automatic bar and chain oiler.
  • Hydraulic log loader.
  • Crooked log correction.

The SC-14 can split up to a full cord of 10-foot logs per hour. It also offers four-way splitting and a split cycle of seven seconds.

Renting a firewood processor is an excellent option for people who can’t afford one. It is also great to try out the equipment before buying one. Most people rent a firewood processor for a weekend, typically enough time to cut and split up a winter’s worth of firewood. If you plan on using the machine for longer than one weekend, Lease-to-Own and Rent-to-Own options are also available.

Brute Force log splitter

It would help if you used high-quality and reliable Brute Force models when renting a log splitter. These log splitters are designed with heavy-duty hydraulic rams to help you easily split logs. They are made in Wisconsin and will last for years. They are also equipped with a durable hydraulic hose to ensure smooth splits.

Renting a Wood Processor photo 2
Renting a Wood Processor photo 2

A good log splitter has a large cutting capacity and can process large logs. An extensive record requires more pressure from the machine to split, but this is not a big problem for the Brute Force splitter. This machine is available for rental in Mandeville, Covington, and the surrounding area. The leasing period for these log splitters is flexible, and you can choose a date that works best for you.

This is one of the smallest log splitters on the market, but it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful. Its 15-amp motor provides over 13,000 pounds of pressure, which should be enough to split logs up to 10 inches in diameter. The machine also has side support wings, so your records will stay securely in place. Besides, the device has 5.5-inch wheels to make it easy to transport.

The Brute Force log splitter for rent is perfect for garden work, but you can also use it for home use. Its size is excellent for home use and is equipped with a trailer hitch for easy towing. This machine also comes with a heavy-duty jumper cable for easy starting in emergencies.

This log splitter is less than a year old. It boasts a 208cc Honda GX engine and a 15-second splitting time. For best results, you should use logs that are well-seasoned and average-sized. The right amount of force is also essential.

Renting a Wood Processor photo 1
Renting a Wood Processor photo 1

If you are hiring a log splitter for a specific job, choose a model with an auto-return feature. This model also comes with a two-stage hydraulic pump. Moreover, it features an automatic reset of the hydraulic valve once the work is done.

The driving force of a gas log splitter is greater than that of an electric model. An average gas log splitter can split logs up to 24 inches in diameter. Electric models are less powerful and can only split logs up to 12 inches in diameter. A gas log splitter is great for splitting lighter logs.

Halverson wood processor

The Halverson is a suitable machine for you if you’re looking for a firewood processor on rent. It’s a skid-steer-mounted piece of machinery that picks up logs with its forks and rolls them onto the in-feed table. Then, a high-speed bar saw activates to cut the record into a block. The block then drops into the splitter trough, where the table moves the log to the next cutting position. The unit can process timber up to 16 inches in diameter.

The company’s YouTube channel contains dozens of videos that highlight how the Halverson wood processor works. Some videos are as short as one minute, while others run up to 12 minutes. Many of these videos are made by Shaver himself, using a GoPro or iPhone to record his demonstrations. Halverson has featured several of these videos on its website.

Renting a Wood Processor photo 0
Renting a Wood Processor photo 0

The Halverson wood processor can process up to 16-inch round wood at speeds similar to an industrial firewood processor. It is available in two models, the 140B for heavy-duty and the 120 for medium-duty use. The 140B can process up to six cubic meters of wood per hour. The 120 is lighter, with a four-cubic-meter capacity.

Another example of a firewood processor for rent is a Halverson firewood wrapper. The Halverson can wrap firewood into bundles, either manually or by machine. A firewood wrapper is a great way to organize and sell logs at a high profit. You can rent a Halverson firewood processor or a Bobcat to process your records.

Halverson’s skid-steer firewood processor is perfect for a light commercial or residential firewood business. This machine is easy to store and can process up to two cords of firewood in one hour. It is also convenient to operate and can be easily attached and detached.

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