Replacement Shear Blades For Chomper Fire Wood Processor

If you own a Chomper firewood processor, you’ve probably wondered where to find replacement shear blades. Chompers are great for various types of dry and frozen wood. They are also durable enough to keep your business going in the long term. The Chomper has an automatic cycle that will split and shear your firewood to the correct length. Bob, the owner of Bob’s Chomper, has a one-person operation.

Bob Bundler

Bob Bundler has a few different methods of processing wood. One way involves purchasing non-grade lumber from loggers. These logs usually have debris covering them. To process these types of wood, Bob uses his Chomper SMPLX14D firewood processor with a four-way splitter. The records are offloaded to a wood pile with a Hudson 20-foot conveyor. He also uses a Bobcat S175 to move the firewood away from the machine.

Bob uses the Chomper to process the wood for his firewood business. It can handle logs up to 14 inches in diameter. A chopper is an excellent machine for processing wood since it is tolerant of many conditions. Additionally, he uses his Chomper to process lumber for his woodworking business. This allows him to keep busy during the colder months. He also uses the Chomper in an open-air setting and a second wood stove in his shop to keep the building warm.

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Bob’s Chomper SMPLX14D

If your Bob’s Chomper SMPLx14D shear blades are dull or damaged, you can easily replace them with genuine Bob’s Chomper replacement shear blades. These blades are designed to cut stainless steel and sheet metal to a gauge of 14 and are made from chrome molybdenum for durability. Moreover, they are guaranteed a full refund.

Bobcat S175

If you’re looking for a replacement shear blade for your Chomper firewood processor, you’ve come to the right place. This model is designed for one-person operation and has a hydraulic winch so you can work at ground level while the machine processes logs. You can process two to four cords of firewood an hour while standing safely clear of the device. This model is ideal for small-scale businesses and will fit into a tight budget.

The Chomper is perfect for processing both dry and frozen wood. You can even use it for custom cutting. It is a very durable machine that will keep your business going. The automatic cycle of the Chomper allows you to cut and split firewood without touching the controls. The device can be set for the desired length and split automatically.

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Bob’s bundled firewood.

Firewood is an excellent heat source for your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit. It is easy to store and can help you create a cozy blaze. Besides keeping your indoor environment warm, firewood can also be used to cook food outdoors. It is also one of the least expensive ways to heat your home. In addition, firewood makes an appealing focal point and provides natural lighting for your home.

The best way to start a campfire is to purchase seasoned and dry firewood. This is essential for the firewood to burn correctly and with the lowest smoke. Firewood that is not seasoned is difficult to light and produces hazardous fumes.

Good on dry wood

The Chomper Super-14 is one of the fastest firewood processors available, and it can chop wood with a 14-inch diameter. It features a redesigned engine with ten horsepower and a new hydraulic pump allowing shorter cycles. It also does not generate sawdust.

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This model is an excellent choice if you want to process green wood. The blades will displace the log’s water and open it up about two to three inches. Rainier Hydraulics recommends processing green records. It will result in a higher quality cut, and you can be sure it will stand up to repeated use.

Easy to use

The Chomper firewood processor is a one-person operation that processes logs at ground level. It has a hydraulic winch that helps the operator stand safely clear of the machine. After researching the device on the internet, Bob purchased his Chomper SMPLX14D from a company in Rainier, Ore. Bob had one specific requirement.

The Chomper is a versatile machine that works well on dry or frozen wood. Its automatic cycle allows you to split or shear your firewood automatically. It also has a clamp arm that tamps down the length of the log on the infeed.

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The PRO-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor is one of the top firewood processors on the market. Its hydraulic saw features a 4.5-second cycle time and a sawdust clean-out chute. It also has a safety lockout cover and CAM measurement systems. It is also a woman-friendly machine.

For smaller wood businesses, a firewood processor can make the process easy. Its ten-horsepower engine and dual-stage hydraulic pump allow it to split logs up to twelve feet long. The firewood processor is a mobile device and can be set up within minutes.

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