Rex 600 Wood Processor

The Rex 600 wood processor is a multi-head blade system that can process up to four pieces simultaneously. It can be operated by one or two people and is ideal for the bulk firewood processing market. It has a 37-horsepower Yanmar engine and a cycle time of six seconds. Its other features include a 5-meter fold-out elevator, a rough top belt, and a hydraulic block lifter.

Tajfun RCA 600 Joy is Tajfun’s flagship wood processor.

The Tajfun RCA 600 Joy is one of the company’s flagship wood processors, and it’s an excellent machine for any home or business. It has a 55 HP Hatz diesel engine and a joystick-controlled large-capacity firewood processor. The RCA 600 Joy also features a programmable touch screen that displays the amount of wood processed, machine settings, performance, and other information. It can process a ton of timber daily and features two feed speeds. The RCA 600 Joy can process a wide range of wood types.

The Tajfun RCA 600 Joy will give you the performance and precision you need if you’re looking for a more advanced firewood processor. This machine is easy to use and has a variety of features. It features a 25-ton splitting force and can process wood up to 32cm in diameter. The Tajfun RCA 320 is another high-quality firewood processor with twin-splitting technology and manual controls. It is available in 32 and 48-cm versions.

Rex 600 wood processor is ideal for those entering the bulk firewood processing market.

For those looking to enter the bulk firewood processing market, the Rex 600 wood processor is the perfect solution. This unit can produce up to four pieces at once and features a 37hp Yanmar engine and a 6-second cycle time. It also has a 5-meter fold-out elevator and a hydraulic block lifter with rollers. It’s easy to use elevator controls, and a double-handed control system makes it easy to operate. It is also road-ready with a registration kit for safe towing.

This machine features a 16-way splitter head, ideal for those looking to enter the firewood packaging business. It has a patented assembly that eliminates jamming and produces 4×4 wood from the center of a block and triangular-shaped wood from the edges of a log round. A 16-way wedge is also included, which has tight bundles when packaging firewood.

Another essential feature of this machine is its versatility. It is capable of processing both round and branch wood. It can also handle sawmill waste. It can even process small-diameter round wood. It is easy to use and maintain. It also has a convenient log feeder conveyor and a hopper for storing and transporting the finished product.

Electric-powered firewood processors are environmentally friendly and can be installed indoors. They are also safer against vandals. Electric firewood processors are also quieter than those powered by PTO. They also have lower operating costs. They can run on solar or wind power.

Rich Richard’s firewood business has gone according to plan. Though he had no forest product experience, the company has gone well. While his primary market is restaurants, he has also found success by supplying bulk firewood to wholesale customers. His wholesale customers include restaurants and campgrounds. He always tries to have at least two weeks’ worth of logs. He sells red oak, white oak, cherry, elm, ash, and walnut.

One or two people can operate Rex 600 wood processor.

The Rex 600 is a commercial firewood processor with an efficient multi-blade splitting system. Its design is compact and towable for easy transportation. Its efficient operation enables one or two people to handle the task with minimal assistance. The Rex 600 can split and load up to 10 cubic meters of block per hour, increasing productivity and reducing labor input.

Whether you need to split firewood in bulk or need a machine to process a large pile of wood in your backyard, the Rex 600 is perfect. Its high-speed diesel engine provides the power you need to process a large amount of timber efficiently and effectively. A programmable touchscreen lets you control and monitor all machine functions, including the amount of wood processed.

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