Road Range Wood Processor – Availability, Price, Manufacturers, and Specs

What is Road Range Wood Processor RR1000 Price?

Road range wood processor RR1000 price is a cost associated with the purchase and set-up of the RR1000 wood processor model. This machine is a mobile, compact, and self-contained unit that can efficiently cut and process large logs into small pieces for firewood. It is powered by a 20 HP gasoline engine and has a hydraulic log infeed system, a hydraulic log clamp, and a hydraulic power unit. The RR1000 can cut logs up to 32” in diameter, and the price includes the machine, hoses, and blades.

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If you’re in the market for a new firewood processor, the Range Road EcoPro300 Firewood Processor has a lot to offer. This firewood processor is packed with features and comes with a choice of two engines – a 20 Ton and a 27 Ton. Its cutting and splitting action allows it to produce more than a cord of cut firewood per hour.