Skid Steer Attachments – Wood Processor

What is Skid Steer Attachments Wood Processor?

Skid steer attachments wood processor is a tool used to process and shape wood for a variety of projects. It is attached to a skid steer or a similar piece of heavy machinery. The processor has a rotating cutting head consisting of blades that can cut, shape, and grind wood. It can also be used to clean up stumps and debris. It is a valuable tool for landscapers, farmers, and construction workers.

If you are looking to buy a skid steer attachment for processing wood, you can look into the Black Splitter S2X 800 mobile wood splitter. The hydraulic model fits onto mini excavators, backhoes and skid steers. It allows the operator to split large logs without leaving the skid steer. It also features an automatic return feature that automatically returns to its base position.

Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is an efficient firewood processor that can be installed on a skid steer. The unit picks up logs from the ground, splits them into four, six, or eight pieces, and deposits them onto a conveyor belt. The unit can be used to process wood at a commercial firewood operation.

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is designed to be easy to operate. Its hydraulic system makes it fully mobile and allows the operator to easily operate it. Its operator station is ergonomic and has dual joysticks. An auto-retract feature is also included for the operator’s convenience.

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro wood processor features a streamlined design and is built using high-quality components. It is capable of processing a full cord of firewood in just under an hour. It also offers easy controls, such as a brake lever, which lets the operator keep the cutting distance constant.

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is an excellent choice for any home or commercial forestry operation. Its versatile features enable the operator to do a variety of tasks on a single machine. This machine is simple to use, economical, and rugged. It can cut down trees from stumps, lay them down, and remove limbs and branches. It can also cut logs to the length of the operator’s choice.

Hahn HWP-140

The Hahn HWP-140 skiwd steer attachments wood processor is a versatile attachment that can be mounted on a skid steer, tractor or utility vehicle. It is capable of splitting logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It is designed for light commercial use and can process half a cord of wood per hour. It also has a six-way ram that can process logs from all angles.

A skid steer mounted wood processor is an innovative way to process logs and firewood. Traditional processing equipment can be cumbersome, inefficient, and expensive. A skid steer mounted processor would not only be more efficient and affordable, but would also be easier to operate. One of the most popular skid steer-mounted wood processors is the Hahn HFP140 Firewood Pro. It splits logs into four or eight pieces for easy transporting. Another great feature is its ease of operation from the loader’s seat.

Another skid steer attachment that converts a tractor or other heavy equipment into a firewood processor is the Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro. This skid steer-mounted wood processor is ideal for small to medium operations. It splits logs into 4, six, or eight pieces and places them into bins for storage. This skid steer-mounted wood processor reduces labor and increases productivity.

SSP-180 Pro

The SSP-180 Pro skid steer attachment is a multipurpose wood processor, which can process long logs, from butt to top. It saves skid steers a lot of work and wear. This machine can also process timber up to sixteen inches in diameter and is easy to use for one operator.

The SSP-180 Pro skid steer attachment is very easy to use and is equipped with eight push buttons on the joysticks of the skid steer. It has an auto retracting saw and splitter, and a 4-way hydraulically adjustable splitter. It has a large, 8-inch chain for processing logs, and can cut them to a uniform size. It is great for large, fast log processing projects.

The SSP-180 Pro skid steer attachment for wood processing is ideal for contractors who need to process large amounts of firewood. The machine can process up to 1.5 cords of wood per hour. This processor also has a hydraulically adjustable splitter and a chain feed conveyor. It’s easy to operate and is a great choice for anyone in the firewood industry.

Another skid steer attachment that is useful for wood processing is a log splitter. While horizontal log splitters can cause injury at close range, upside-down log splitters are safer for all workers involved. This machine requires only one person to operate. Its unique design allows one operator to lower the log onto the splitters, lock them in place and then lift the log into the splitting blade.


A wood processor on a skid steer is a useful piece of equipment that can cut a large number of logs into smaller pieces. This device can be operated from the seat of the skid steer, removing the need for two or three people to perform the task. This piece of equipment can process as much as a cord per hour.

In 2015, A.J. Shaver invested in a firewood processor manufactured by Halverson Wood Products, a company that specializes in equipment and services for the forest industry. The processor was designed to attach to a skid steer, which provides power and hydraulics for processing firewood. Shaver initially set out to sell one processor per year, but in two years, he sold 36 units. This led him to be recognized as a top dealer for Halverson Wood Products.

The Halverson HWP 120B wood processor is a powerful and productive machine that is easily mounted on a skid steer. This skid steer attachment is made in Minnesota and can process up to one and a half cords of firewood per hour. In addition to its high productivity, it is safe to operate and is designed to meet federal safety standards.

The Halverson skid steer attachments wood processing machine includes a pivotally mounted support structure, a conveying member, a cutting unit, a ram, a wedge, and an infeed table. The processor picks up logs up to 16 inches in diameter, which are then rolled onto the infeed table. The high-speed bar saw then cuts the log into a block. The split block is then dropped into the splitting trough where the splitting ram operates.

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The HWP-120 skid steer attachment is a powerful wood processor that can be mounted on a skid steer or a tractor. It features adjustable splitter heads and a six-way ram to process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It can process up to half a cord of wood per hour and is lightweight and portable for easy transport. It is ideal for residential and light commercial use.

This skid steer wood processor is an efficient solution for firewood production. It picks up logs from the ground, splits them into four, six, or eight pieces, and places them into bins for easy storage. The machine is easy to operate from the loader seat and offers an operator-friendly design that reduces labor costs.

Halverson is the pioneer of all-in-one skid steer attachments for processing firewood. The company is known for building cost-efficient, rugged machinery. The HWP-120 skid steer attachment is easy to use from the loader seat. This means that only one person is needed for processing firewood compared to several pieces of equipment that require a team of workers. The Halverson processing attachment begins by picking up a log using forks. Once it is in the desired position, it activates a high-speed chainsaw. The Halverson skid steer attachment can handle timber up to 16 inches in diameter.

In addition to skid steer attachments, Halverson’s firewood processor can also be mounted on a truck or trailer. This allows users to process logs on-site, and haul away finished firewood for sale. This machine eliminates the need for heavy trucking, handling, and dragging logs.