Skid Steer Wood Processor

There are several models on the market when buying a skid steer wood processor. The choices include the Cone-style skid steer log splitters, the RIMA RSW400, and the Halverson HWP 120B. These units are great for those who want to do all the work themselves but don’t want to hire a contractor.

Cone-style skid steers log splitters.

Two main types of skid steer log splitters are available for firewood processing. One type is a traditional log splitter, and the other is a cone-style log splitter. Each has its unique advantages. For example, a cone-style log splitter is designed to accommodate the most significant vehicles. It also is suitable for splitting enormous logs.

Traditional skid steer log splitters are not ideal for large logs, requiring a cradle to hold the record. On the other hand, a cone-style log splitter does not have an upper limit and is the most efficient option for large logs.

Log splitters for skid steers are an investment and may only meet some needs. For example, a logger may split logs for clients, while a farmer or rancher might want to split logs for their use. A cone-style log splitter is more appropriate for larger machines, including track loaders with high-flow auger drives and excavators.

Traditional skid steer log splitters are similar to cone-style splitters, except that they are more affordable. They split logs through the center and wedge them into usable firewood. They are a good option for smaller businesses that do not require large wood logs for separating.

Cone-style skid steer log splitter models work by applying a drill mechanism to the log. They are sturdier than traditional log splitters and can handle extensive records and even downed trees. In addition, they do not require a base, so they are easier to handle.

Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is an attachment that turns your skid steer loader, compact track loader, or wheel loader into a firewood processor. It cuts logs up to 20 inches in diameter into four, six, or eight pieces of firewood. It’s mobile, which means it can be moved from one location to another and deposit wood directly into a truck or a conveyor.

The HFP160 is one of the top models for small wood processors. It was designed to process logs at maximum speed and is a fully functioning firewood processor. It can split logs into 20 and 28-inch rounds and is designed with high production in mind.

Its compact size allows for portability. The HFP160 is capable of producing over a cord of firewood per hour. It has a 540 RPM PTO drive and can split rounds two, four, or six ways. It weighs approximately 1250 pounds and comes with a standard log arm that measures 10 inches in diameter. It is built with powder-coated steel components, and the main deck is made of a 3mm formed steel sheet.

The HFP160 Firewood Pro skid steer is a highly productive firewood processor that produces ten to twelve full cords of firewood per hour. This machine has been in production for over 35 years and can meet most firewood producers’ needs. Its low price range and versatility make it an ideal choice for most firewood producers.


The RIMA RSW400 skid steer wood processor is a versatile and easy-to-use attachment for skid steer loaders. Its forks pick up logs and roll them up to the in-feed trough, where a high-speed chainsaw activates and cuts the wood into lengths up to 24 inches. It is ideal for a tree service business but can also be used for recreational purposes at camping and resorts.

The RIMA RSW400 skid steer wood processor has several features that make it superior to other wood processors. Its components include a pivotally mounted support structure, conveying member, cutting unit, ram, and wedge. A conveyor travels between the working end of the skid steer and the receiving end, while the cutting unit and ram are situated adjacent to each other.

Another feature of the RSW400 skid steer wood processor is its ability to cut logs and split them. Its ability to cut and split logs reduces labor-intensive tasks to a two or three-man job. An RSW400 skid steer log splitter can split logs up to 22 inches in diameter and lift logs for easy storage and transport.

Halverson HWP 120B

The Halverson HWP 120B Skid Steer Wood Processor is a powerful and productive piece of equipment for processing wood. Designed in Minnesota, it can process up to one and a half cords of wood per hour. The processor attaches easily to a skid steer and can be easily dismounted or stored. This machine is safe and efficient. Its small footprint allows you to process large amounts of wood in a short period.

Teagle Manufacturing SSP-180 Pro

A skid steer wood processor can be an excellent investment if you have a small business or need to split wood logs for the winter. These units can split any size log and have drilling capabilities. This makes them great for large and small operations alike.

Another great feature of the SSP-180 Pro is its ease of operation. Eight push buttons on the skid steer joystick allow the operator to operate the machine quickly and easily. The saw and splitter are hydraulically adjustable, and the SSP-180 produces uniformly sized firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

The log processor has two types of log splitters. There are traditional log splitters and cone-style log splitters. Each one has distinct advantages. Cone log splitters are better suited for hard logs than conventional log splitters. They can also handle more giant and downed trees and are more durable.

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