Skid Steer Wood Processor From Spartan Equipment

For businesses in many industries, a skid steer wood processor can make life much easier. Restaurants, gas stations, warehouse stores, and campgrounds all require firewood to keep their fireplaces working. A skid steer wood processor from Spartan Equipment can help them meet their firewood needs, while also reducing their carbon footprint.


The HWP-120 Skid Steer Firewood Processor is a versatile piece of equipment that attaches to a skid steer and other types of equipment. This machine is designed to efficiently cut down wood and create firewood. Its patent-pending shuttle grapple allows for easy processing of long logs.

SSP-180 Pro

Spartan Equipment has created a skid steer wood processor that makes processing long logs easy. Controlled with eight push buttons mounted on the skid steer’s joysticks, the SSP-180 Pro is simple to operate and features an auto retract saw and splitter. Its hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter produces uniformly sized firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

GS-44 Grapple Saw

The GS-44 Grapple Saw for a skid steer wood processor is a versatile machine that allows you to cut one or multiple logs at once. It’s especially useful for clearing trails or cutting logs for an outdoor wood boiler. The tool is easy to use, store and set up. The Grapple grabs and cuts the log, then retracts into the upright position. It also provides oil to the saw bar each time the operator engages it.

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