Skid Steer Wood Processor Price

What is a Skid Steer Wood Processor Price?

Skid steer wood processor price is the cost of a skid steer mounted attachment used to process logs into firewood. The price of a skid steer wood processor varies depending on the size and power of the machine, as well as the brand and additional features. Generally, the cost of skid steer wood processors range anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. The processors typically come with hydraulic motors, universal skid steer couplers and log cradles for easy log handling.

A skid steer wood processor is ideal for small to medium-sized firewood operations. It is easy to operate and is a very economical purchase. The price varies depending on the size of the processor and its size, but it is usually under $16,000. A skid steer is also easy to maneuver and is suitable for all terrains.


The Skid steer HWP-120 wood processing machine is a versatile piece of equipment you can mount on a skid steer or tractor. Its six-way splitter ram and adjustable splitter heads are ideal for processing logs up to 16 inches in diameter. With its high-speed chainsaw, this unit can process about half a cord of wood per hour. It also features a skid steer quick attach system and a 25-inch chainsaw bar.

The HWP-120 wood processor is suitable for residential or light commercial use. It can cut, split, and re-process wood. The machine is easy to store and detaches easily. It is ideal for firewood businesses, landscaping projects, and even resorts and campgrounds. It is available for purchase from Halverson Wood Products.

The Skid steer HWP-120 wood processing machine is ideal for small and medium operations. It can pick up logs from the ground and split them into four, six, or eight pieces. The machine can also place the wood into storage bins. It is also an excellent choice for commercial use since the operator does not need to leave the device to split the wood.

Another excellent option for firewood processing is a Halverson Processor. This machine is great for splitting firewood and can be mounted on a skid steer or tractor. Its splitter head can be adjusted to fit the logs you are breaking. For example, if you have a small acreage, you can choose between a four or eight-piece splitter.

SSP-180 Pro

The SSP-180 Pro is an efficient skid steer firewood processor that’s easy to operate. It comes fully assembled with a one-year warranty and has an automatic retracting saw and splitter. It cuts logs up to 18″ in diameter into uniformly sized firewood.

The Skid steer SSP-180 Pro wood processor is affordable for firewood producers on a budget. With an operating system that lets the operator control it from the tractor seat, this unit is easy to use and operates with just one or two people. Unlike other firewood processors requiring multiple pieces of equipment, this machine is easy to operate. It features forks that pick up logs and move them to the butt plate roller. A high-speed chainsaw then activates when the records are in position.

Another benefit of this skid steer firewood processor is its capacity to process large amounts of wood. It has a 17-inch-diameter cutting capacity, a 3.5-second cycle time, an oil cooler, and doesn’t require v-belts. Its hydraulic system makes it easy to operate on uneven terrain. In addition, it has an automatic return feature that automatically returns it to its starting position when finished.

Considering the SSP-180’s large capacity, this wood processor offers a lower price than many competing products in the same category. The SSP-180 is also easy to maneuver, making it an excellent machine for a small yard. The SSP-180 is a versatile machine that can be used in any situation. Despite its cost, it’s well worth it.

It’s easy to operate and requires minimal training. You can use this machine from the cab of your skid steer loader. You can also use it for small-scale processing projects. It has three configurations: a cone-style processor, a wedge-style processor, and a traditional one. While the latter is less versatile, it’s a solid option for small businesses or home users.

In addition to the SSP-180 Pro wood processor price, you can also look into the cost of an attachment. For example, the Hammerhead SSP-180 features a receiving end for the log and a working end for cutting it. In addition, there’s a conveying member for moving the record.

Halverson Processor

If you’re in the market for a skid steer wood processor, you should consider the Halverson HP-140. This machine can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It also features an automatic chain oiler and an easy-to-adjust chain. This piece of equipment can also process about a cord of firewood per hour.

The Halverson wood processor is a revolutionary piece of equipment. It attaches to the front of a skid-steer loader and cuts the wood. The cutting unit then pivots downward onto the record. The cutting portion is then forced past a wedge. This process can be repeated for several cords.

This equipment is incredibly productive and safe to operate. Made in Minnesota, the Halverson HWP 120B wood processor can process up to 1.5 cords an hour. The machine can be mounted to a skid steer, easily transported, and used. Its high capacity makes it an excellent choice for firewood producers.

The Halverson skid steer wood processor is easy to operate and stores conveniently in a heated cab. It can process one to two cords of wood per hour, depending on the log size. It can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. With its high-speed bar saw, the records are split into blocks. These blocks are then rolled onto a log table.