Slab Wood Processor

A slab wood processor is a machine for processing logs and uncorrupted Wood blocks into wood rods and slabs. It allows processing one straight record or two wood slabs per processing cycle. In this machine, refined blocks or logs can be inserted in any quickslot for processing. To start processing a log or slab, click on its right mouse button and select “process.” If it has not been processed before, you can type “f” to restart the processing process.

Bell’s Machining

A slab wood processor is a machine that cuts the wood into a uniform length. It is driven by demand from local consumers. Customers can customize their devices to fit their needs. For example, a Bell’s 6000C slab wood processor can process twice as many cords an hour as a home-built slab processor.

The company has been in business since 1939 and has many firewood processors. It offers seven different models that feature various features. Each machine is portable and comes with a one-year warranty. Customers can choose the model that best suits their needs and is suitable for outdoor use.

The Bell’s Machining 4000 model features an adjustable splitter head, a saw blade stop, and an automatic splitting cycle. It also has a three-strand hydraulic live deck and an operator’s cab. It processes logs up to 30 feet in length and is available with a Simonds 44-inch circular saw, or an Oregon bar saw. It has a powerful Cat 67-hp Tier 4 turbocharged diesel engine with a three-year warranty. It can produce three cords of hardwood firewood per hour.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment

Hud-Son has a new machine ideal for small outdoor wood furnaces or as a standalone machine. This new machine has a large cutting capacity and can process boards up to eight inches thick and eighteen inches wide. It has a 24-inch or thirty-inch blade and a feed roll system that holds down wood as it is processed.

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