Small Portable Wood Processor

If you’re looking for a small portable wood processor, there are a few options to choose from. Some of these include the HFP160 Firewood Pro, the DYNA SC-14, the Apache Model 300 Japa, and the Cord King CS-Series. Each of these options has its pros and cons.

HFP160 Firewood Pro

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro small portable wood processing machine is a commercial grade machine that can split wood into four, six, or eight pieces. Its compact design allows it to be towed by a skid steer loader. The machine has been in development for two years and has successfully completed a six-month field trial. Its price is on the low end of the commercial firewood processor price range.

It is a simple and durable machine with a hydraulic chainsaw. The chainsaw runs on an 18HX Harvester chain and features an automatic regeneration circuit. Other features include high splitting forces and a rugged design. This machine requires a minimum of twenty gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow and an operating pressure of 2850 psi.

The HFP160 Firewood Pro has an intuitive user interface and is fully mobile. Its operator station features dual joysticks and an auto-retract feature for ease of use. It comes with several add-ons to customize its performance. The HFP160 Firewood Pro is a great small portable wood processing machine for home users or small wood businesses.

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is a small, versatile machine that can split and stack firewood. It can process logs up to 20 feet in length and weighs about 2050lbs. It can pick up logs from the ground, split them into four, six, or eight pieces, and stack them for transportation. The unit can also be equipped with a skid steer mount and can be configured to work with wheel loaders or small excavators.

The Hakki Pilke 50 PRO wood processor is the flagship of their line. It has a large range of features, and the creators describe it as the “king of firewood processors.” The Hakki Pilke 50 PRO wood processor is a multifunctional machine that processes a full cord of firewood within an hour. It has a reversible cutting chain and an automatic oil cooler. Its chain is equipped with a belt conveyor for easy transport.

DYNA’s SC-14

DYNA’s SC-14 small portable firewood processor is a powerful machine with a low cost to operate. It’s designed for easy use and features an ergonomic joystick for precise control of the saw, live deck, and log clamp. It also has an easy-to-read color LCD and dual axles for easy mobility. It also has a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The SC-14 is the most popular model, but there are also smaller versions. The SC-12 was created in response to customer demand for a smaller machine. It comes with a six-foot integrated conveyor and an innovative Log Lifter mechanism that removes the need for a loader. The SC-12XP is the high-performance version of the SC-14 and features a 20hp HONDA gas motor and improved splitting acceleration.

DYNA’s SC-14 firewood processor is an excellent option for small home or commercial applications. The machine can process up to two cords per hour and has a seven-second split cycle. It also comes with an adjustable 14-foot belt conveyor and ergonomic joystick controls.

DYNA firewood processors are excellent choices if you’re looking for a convenient, portable unit. DYNA has been in the business of firewood processors since 2009, and the company offers several features that make your experience more enjoyable. All of the machines are easy to use and come with warranties and 48-month repair coverage. In addition to being a good choice, DYNA also offers a rental service so that you can cater to different needs.

Apache Model 300 Japa

Japa firewood processors are made in Finland and are designed to make wood processing easier and safer. The Japa 315+ firewood processor is an excellent choice for shared use and comes with a powered infeed conveyor and a wood chute. The machine also comes with a 4-way wedge knife for quick cutting of smaller logs.

The Apache Model 300 Japa firewood processor is an economical option for small businesses, homeowners and farmers. It can process a cord of firewood per hour and split up to 12 feet-long logs. The machine is powered by a Honda 13-horsepower engine and features an independent hydraulic system. It also features a highway subframe and suspension axle for easy transportation.

Cord King CS-Series

The Cord King CS-Series small portable firewood processor is the most powerful portable firewood processor available. It has the highest production rate of any firewood processor available. The CS-Series models have a 50 to 127-HP diesel engine and can process four to ten cords of firewood per hour. It has an industry-leading cut-to-cut time of three to five seconds.

Cord King firewood processors are available with various power plants. They can be powered by propane, electricity, or even by diesel. They are also available with custom built engines, if desired. They are also available with a two-year warranty. Buying a Cord King firewood processor is a great choice for any home gardener or recreationalist.

Taskpower’s SSM 250 EZ Compakt

Portable wood processors can be handy for contracting or small-scale firewood processing. They are easily moved around a yard and are powered by a tractor. There are several types to choose from, and Blockbuster Inc. also offers custom options. These portable wood processors can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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