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If you are looking for a small wood processor, there are several options out there. You can check out the Maine Forest Service’s Wood Processor Report to get a good idea of what’s on the market. The report compares various wood processors and makes it easy for you to decide which machine will best suit your needs.

HFP160 Firewood Pro

If you’re looking to purchase a small wood processor, you might want to look into the Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro small wood processor. It’s a powerful tool that can help you cut through logs in a fraction of the time. The machine features a dual-drive system, and a powerful hydraulic system. It is perfect for the home or small business owner who wants to increase productivity and efficiency.

The HFP160 is designed to cut logs up to 16 inches in length, but some users are finding that they can cut up to 18 inches. Rodney, who uses the machine for firewood production, sells logs in fourteen to sixteen inch lengths, and also hand cuts 24 inch lengths for the homes he builds. He owns three wedges, but primarily uses the eight-way wedge. He says that the machine is great for cutting a variety of sizes, and he is learning to use it to its full potential.

This firewood processor is also mobile, allowing you to stack and transport logs into a trailer or truck. It weighs just over 1250 pounds and has a 540 RPM PTO drive. Logs feed into the front end, and the machine automatically drops the log onto the splitting table. Other features of this machine include an oil tank, a discharge conveyor, and a hydraulic log feed.

Range-Road RR270PTO

The Range-Road RR270 PTO small wood processor is a versatile machine that produces over a cord of firewood per hour. It splits logs up to 16 inches in diameter and is equipped with a powerful 83LPM 3625 Psi hydraulic pump. The finished pieces of firewood measure approximately 12 inches long and weigh around 2050 pounds. It comes with a warranty that covers the first year of use and a 3-month warranty for commercial use. It has a lightweight rolling design and its cycle time is 22 seconds.

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