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Small Wood Processor Forum Site is a website dedicated to providing a platform for people to share their experiences and knowledge related to small wood processors. It offers a forum for discussion, product reviews, and tutorials for various types of small wood processors. It also features an extensive library of resources on topics such as safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, the site offers a marketplace for users to buy and sell small wood processing equipment.

The Farm Woodland Forum is an informal association of farmers, foresters, and researchers. It meets annually to share information on agroforestry and to exchange best practices. Meetings include presentations and field visits to agroforestry sites. Members can also ask questions and share experiences. The Farm Woodland Forum is free to join.

Red pine is a good wood for affordable housing.

Red pine is an inexpensive wood for construction projects. It can be used for the same projects as eastern white pine, including furniture and cabinetry. It’s also suitable for doors, trim, and shutters. However, it should only be used outdoors with special treatment.

Red pine is a species of pine that grows in northern parts of the United States. Its native range is Pennsylvania and southwest Wisconsin. It grows best in well-drained soils. It is also resistant to insect infestation and decay. It grows between 60 and 80 feet tall and has a diameter of two to three feet at breast level.

Red pine has a characteristic reddish-brown bark divided into irregular scales. This thick bark protects the tree from insects and fire. Needles are dark green with a reddish tint and measure between three and six inches long. Small, purple flowers appear near new growth. Round red blooms follow. The seeds are borne high in the tree crown. Though the name suggests that red pine contains a lot of resin, the wood is not resinous.

Red pine is a moderately strong wood. Its bending strength and stiffness are about 8,000 psi, and it’s also easy to work with. While its heartwood is medium-density and is not rot-resistant, it’s easy to work with and can be easily treated with preservatives. It can be easily cut and worked with hand tools, but the resin content can cause paint-holding issues.