Straightening Service For Wood Processor Bar

If you’re in the market for a straightening service for a wood processor bar, there are several different options available. These include a Centerless Grinding Service or a Schnell “RI” series straightener. Other straightening options may include a Super Steel Treating Company or Inconel(r) materials.

Centerless Grinding Service

Centerless grinding is an effective process that removes only the required amount of material. The process creates a perfectly finished workpiece and is a standard method for many manufacturing processes. Sturdy Grinding & Machining offers a range of grinding services and is experienced in providing this type of service.

While the process has many benefits, there are several limitations to this type of operation. The workpiece’s diameter and stock removal rate may affect the roughness. Using a dual-response method or Taguchi method can help reduce roundness errors. Different processes require different work blade and wheel profiles, and proper control is necessary to maintain the desired step relationship.

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The most common centerless grinding setups are based on one-inch diameter workpieces, which should be a one-half inch above the wheel’s centerline. Several passes may be needed to remove the stock, and aggressive stock removal can make the bar go out of round. Also, excessive stress relief may reduce the bar’s straightness. To avoid this, centerless grinders should have special straightness gages that measure the bar as processed.

Once the final grinding pass is complete, Boston Centerless packs each bar for shipment. Boston Centerless uses plastic mesh sleeves to protect the bar from damage for large-sized stock. They also package ground-to-order inventory in boxes and use custom-made wooden boxes for larger pieces.

Centerless grinding is an effective way to make precision parts. It eliminates the need for holding the workpiece during the grinding process and reduces overall production time. The method also eliminates the need for profile cams, which can be time-consuming to manufacture.

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Super Steel Treating Company

The Super Steel Treating Company is a steel-treating facility that offers processing services for coil and bar materials. Their equipment feature laser-cutting technology and computer-controlled processors. In addition, they provide a comprehensive steel inventory management program. This enables them to offer a variety of services in one location. For example, their bar division offers heat-treating, straightening, turning and burnishing, and bundle and mult-cutting services. The company is QS 9000 certified.

Inconel(r) materials

Inconel(r) is a nickel and chromium alloy with good resistance to extreme temperatures. Its tensile strength is 13.3 ksi at 2,000degF. Its high strength makes it a good choice for heat treatment applications. It is an excellent alternative to stainless steel alloys. It also retains its shape even after being subjected to high temperatures.

Other uses for Inconel include oil and gas extraction, where its superior corrosion and temperature resistance make it a valuable tool. It is beneficial for natural gas production processing systems. It is also oxidation resistant, which makes it ideal for high-temperature environments. It is a robust and versatile material that is easy to weld.

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Inconel alloys are well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications. In addition to gas turbine and automotive applications, Inconel is also used in chemical processing. The alloy is corrosion-resistant and has high tensile strength. In addition, it is heat-resistant and excellent for heat-treating.

Inconel can be machined with fast spindles and a multi-fluted ceramic tool. The resulting material has a small depth of cut. These high feed rates also result in localized heating and softening at the front of the flute. Moreover, Inconel 600 and 625 are suitable for wood processor bar applications.

Hydraulic straighteners

Hydraulic straighteners are used to straighten large shafts or weldments. These machines can either be fixed heads or have a gantry that moves along an X-axis. Both types can be used in a production line or separately. Hydraulic straightening presses can straighten either straight or curved bars.

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Besides straightening, hydraulic straighteners are also used for other operations, including punching, drilling, threading, and laser cutting. They are used for various materials, including wood, plastic, wire, and many others. They can also be used for special packaging, including rust prevention and damage protection.

These straightening services can be used for various metals and sizes, from 0.060 to 0.625 in diameter. They can be customized to handle exotic metals and a range of tolerances. They can also be used for low-volume production, prototypes, and aerospace applications. They meet the standards of ANSI, Mil-Spec, and AS standards.

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