The 137 Wood Processor

The 137 wood processor is an efficient machine for processing wood. It is highly durable and has a low repair rate. The construction of the wood processor makes it easy to replace its most vulnerable parts without the need for extensive repairs. This means that you can avoid high maintenance costs and avoid downtime. This machine is designed for large-scale production and can handle a wide range of wood types.

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Suitable embodiment of 137 wood processor

A wood processor is a machine for processing wood. It has a high production rate, and its construction makes it extremely durable. The machine is designed to require little maintenance and repair. Most of its parts are replaceable, so a repair is unlikely to take too long. One embodiment of the processor includes three separate cutting members.

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A preferred embodiment of the wood processor includes a base 12 and operator station, which support various processor components. The base 12 is disposed above a saw blade assembly, which includes a plurality of parallel rotating saw blades. The saw blades are positioned above the carriage, and a pusher rod is mounted adjacent to the saw blades to move the cut pieces onto the cradle members. A set of opposing clamps 17a and 17f positioned above the log axis enables the wood processor to hold the log.

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Productivity of a 137 wood processor

Productivity is an important indicator of economic competitiveness. Wood-based industries are highly labour-intensive and complex. Increasing market integration and complexity of economic processes has resulted in increasing competition pressure and an increasing need for new sources of competitive advantage. Productivity in these industries depends largely on the effectiveness of production factors.

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In a study involving five small-scale wood-processing enterprises, productivity and cost varied significantly across machines. The productivity of the micro-enterprises varied between 1.1 and 2.1 t/h, while costs varied from 20 to 39 EUR/t. Some of these differences may be due to the effect of the operators. However, feeding the machines with sorted logs increased productivity and reduced costs by 34%.

Brands of 137 wood processors

If you’re looking for a firewood processor, Tajfun is an excellent brand to consider. This company is an industry leader and focuses on producing high-quality machines. They offer a variety of firewood processors, including the Tajfun RCA 400 Joy. The Tajfun RCA 400 Joy offers basic machine functions such as cutting and splitting, along with an adjustable splitting wedge height. A clutch controlled power system is also included, which saves on chain slash and lubricant.

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