The 1430 Skid Steer Wood Processor

What is a 1430 skid steer wood processor?

1430 skid steer wood processor is a heavy-duty machine designed to process and split firewood. The machine is equipped with a grapple, a splitting wedge, and a hydraulic log lift for easy loading and unloading. It can process trees up to 14 inches in diameter and logs up to 8 feet in length. The machine is powered by a hydraulic system and is capable of producing up to 18 cords of firewood per hour. It is also easily maneuverable and can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

This skid steer wood processor offers a variety of features and benefits, including an auto-return function to maximize productivity. This feature allows the wedge to automatically return to the starting position, giving you time to pick up the next log. The hydraulic system also includes a direction control valve, which gives you the ability to control the position of the wedge.

Auto-return feature

For large and small firewood processing operations, the skid steer wood processor is a great option. The 1430 skid steer wood processor features an auto-return feature that automatically returns the machine to its original position after processing. This feature saves you time and makes the process more efficient.

The 1430 skid steer wood processor is a versatile piece of equipment that comes with a variety of features. It features an automatic return feature and a pivotally mounted support structure. It also features a cutting unit 50 and a ram 75, which move back and forth within the working end. This machine can process logs up to 19 inches in diameter. It is ideal for small farms and ranches, and comes with a one-year warranty. Other features of the skid steer wood processor include a conveying member which moves from the receiving end to the working end adjacent to the cutting unit.

The 1430 skid steer wood processor has several advantages over the conventional wooden processors. It is simple to operate and has an auto-return feature. It also has a hydraulic system to operate on uneven surfaces. The 1430 also has a hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter and an auto-retractable saw.

The auto-return feature is a useful feature for increasing productivity. This feature ensures that the wedge automatically returns to its starting position, giving the operator enough time to pick up the next log. It also improves the safety and comfort of the operator while operating the machine.

The 1430 skid steer wood processor is an excellent option when you need to process many records at one time. The machine also has a clamp 40 for cutting logs. This helps the operator split logs quickly. And when processing large logs, the cutting unit can be adjusted by running in reverse.

Cutting unit 50

The present invention includes a cutting unit 50 for a skid steer wood processor. The cutting unit pivots over the record and extends past the conveying member to cut the record. This invention is particularly beneficial when many records need to be processed simultaneously. It may be powered by an independent power source or operated through the hydraulics of the skid loader 16. The cutting unit may also have an auto-return feature to automatically return to its starting position after cutting a record.

The wood processor attachment for a skid steer loader comprises a pivotally mounted support structure, a wedge 75, a cutting unit 50, a ram, and an operator-controlled conveying member 32. The conveying member advances the log, stopping when it reaches the desired length, and can be reversed if desired.

The cutting unit 50 is attached to the working end 27 of the support structure 20. Its second end is positioned over the second end 39 of the conveyor unit 30. By engaging the control, the operator can selectively pivot over the second end to cut the log. The result is a large chunk of wood, which has been processed.

The cutting unit 50 of the 1430 skid steer wood processor can be a chain saw. The blade 52 of the cutting unit rotates similar to a chain saw blade. The blade 52 is preferably controlled by controls in the loader 16 cab. The cutting unit may also include a motor to selectively operate the blade.

The present invention also includes a conveying member 32 that is actuated by an electrical motor located in the cab of the loader 16. The conveyor member 32 conveys the log over the cutting unit 50. A wedge is present that catches the portion of the log as the conveying member is pushed past the cutting unit.

Powerful hydraulic system

The 1430 skid steer wood processor has a powerful hydraulic system that drives the skid steer’s attachments. This system delivers maximum power when the flow rate is set. You can set the PSI level based on your output requirement. If you need to split large logs into smaller pieces, choose a higher PSI.

The skid steer wood processor is an excellent investment if you are planning to produce a great deal of firewood. Whether you run a small operation or a commercial firewood operation, this machine is a good option to consider. It’s capable of processing wood in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be used year-round.

The skid steer firewood processor by Halverson Wood Products is an excellent option for residential or light commercial use. The machine can be attached to a skid steer or other equipment. This allows the operator to perform the wood cutting and splitting tasks while the machine does the processing.

If you’re considering investing in a skid steer log splitter, you’ll want to select one with auto-return. This feature automatically returns the wedge to its starting position and enables you to split wood faster. You can also select a model with a two-way hydraulic system, allowing you to control the flow of oil and the wedge position.


The Halverson 1430 skid steer wood processor is a great piece of equipment for light commercial or residential use. This machine is easy to operate from the seat of a skid steer and requires only one to two people to use. In contrast, most other firewood processing machinery requires several people to work it. It works by picking up logs with the forks and moving them to the butt plate roller. Once the logs are in the proper position, a high-speed chainsaw activates and begins to process them.