The Advantages of a Firewood Processor

What is the Wood Beaver Model 16 Firewood Processor?

The Wood Beaver Model 16 Firewood Processor is a heavy-duty machine designed to cut, split, and stack firewood quickly and efficiently. It features a 16-inch diameter cutting capacity, a hydraulic log lift, a hydraulic 3-point log grapple, and an automatic chain saw. The Model 16 is the perfect choice for homeowners, commercial firewood producers, and rental businesses. It is capable of producing up to two cords of firewood per hour, depending on the log size and species. With its heavy-duty construction and easy operation, the Wood Beaver Model 16 is one of the most reliable firewood processors available.

There are many reasons to purchase a firewood processor. Having a quality machine will save you a lot of time and money. Firewood processors can be customized to fit your specific needs. You can even customize them to fit your budget. If you’re ready to purchase a firewood processor, there are several brands to choose from.

Timberwolf’s PRO-MP

The PRO-MP firewood processor by Timberwolf is a single operator machine with live deck, hydraulic cut-off saw, roller guide, and top-roll clamping system. It uses a 36HP Yanmar engine and comes standard with a four-way or six-way wedge. It is easy to transport and features a standard hitch.

The PRO-MP Beaver 1 Lil Beaver 16 firewood processor can process a cord of wood in one hour. It has an integrated hydraulic winch for easy setup and an insert-tooth circular saw with 40-inch blade. It can also handle logs up to 16-inch diameter. It is manufactured by Rainier Hydraulics.

The Timberwolf PRO-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor is a portable and versatile machine that can grind large logs easily. It has a hydraulic winch to pull logs to the processing platform, making it easy to transport. It also has a hydraulic clamp to hold the log securely. Its integrated 10′ conveyor can accommodate logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It also has a mechanical crank for adjusting the conveyor.

The PRO-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor is also available with a circular saw or a chain saw. It has a Yanmar engine and top roll clamping system, making it a versatile machine that can process various types of wood.

RRS’s Lil Beaver

Compared to most other firewood processors, the Wood Beaver Model 16 has many advantages. It is a self-contained, towable machine that splits and stacks firewood. This machine is easy to use and can be operated by a single person. Its size and weight make it ideal for small properties and farmers.

It features a hydraulic saw with a 4.5-second cycle time. The machine is also equipped with a sawdust clean-out chute. It also has safety lockout covers and a self-cleaning cleaning system. This firewood processor is designed for home use and is suitable for various wood types. It was recently demonstrated at a recent Richmond expo by Wood Beaver Forestry Equipment. The company claims it can process up to two cords of firewood per hour.

Apache 300 Japa

Apache offers superior firewood processing equipment and accessories. Their Model 300 Japa firewood processor is an easy-to-use machine for one person. This unit processes logs up to 20 inches long and 12 inches in diameter, and processes a cord of firewood an hour. This machine also has a 7.5 foot infeed conveyor and 5.6 ton splitting power. It is also equipped with a highway subframe and suspension axle.

Wood Beaver firewood processors are known for being efficient workhorses for firewood processing operations. Owners Troy and Beth Modschiedler say their machine is easy to operate and can be operated by just one person. They also like how women can operate this machine easily and comfortably.

This machine is a good choice for anyone who is looking to process a large amount of wood. This machine comes with a hydraulic winch for lifting large logs. It is also easy to transport and set up. It also features multiple safety features and a convenient cleaning solution. The multi-functional firewood processor is suitable for a wide range of types of wood. In addition, Wood Beaver Forestry Equipment recently demoed its Model 18 firewood processor at the recent Richmond Expo. The company claims that this firewood processor can process one to two cords of wood per hour.

The Multitek 1620 SS for Beaver 1 Firewood Processor has a patented guillotine cutting system that reduces maintenance and improves machine productivity. Its 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw is powerful enough to split logs up to 16 inches in diameter. In addition, the Multitek 1620 SS for Beaver 1 firewood processor is available in various sizes, allowing you to customize the machine for your needs.

Rainier Hydraulics’ Wolverine

The Wolverine wood beaver model 16, which is part of the MVP line of firewood processors, is a high quality machine with a PTO gas or diesel engine and high-quality parts. It comes with a Corona 10″ folding saw, which has a triple-ground tooth pattern and a lifetime warranty.

Rainier Hydraulics’ Wolversine Wood Beaver Model 16 firewood processor is a complete firewood processor that can process a log into two or four pieces. Its lightweight design and independent hydraulic system makes it ideal for one-person operations and even for home use. This machine is portable and powered by a 10-horsepower engine and features a two-stage hydraulic pump. It can split logs into two or four pieces, and a 4.3-meter discharge conveyor allows for easy cleanup.

The Wolverine firewood processor is designed for homeowners, small farmers, and small wood business owners. It has an easy to use operator station and is portable, so you can move it from one location to another. It comes equipped with an automatic retracting splitter, a patent pending guillotine cutting system, and replaceable teeth.

The Wolverine’s hydraulic winch is ideal for pulling large logs up to 18″ in diameter. The machine can be setup in minutes and moved to a different location. Rainier Hydraulics has been a leader in hydraulic and shear technology since 1984. Its patented CHOMPER system is the only fully automatic processor. It automatically feeds the log, cuts, splits, and ejects the log to the desired location.


The Wood Beaver Model 16 firewood processor is a workhorse for a firewood processing business. Owned by Beth and Troy Modschiedler, it’s simple to operate and can easily be operated by one person. It’s also a woman-friendly machine.

This single-operator firewood processor is equipped with a hydraulic saw and patented Top Roll clamping system. It also features a log-length CAM measurement system. It uses a 36-HP Yanmar engine and a conveyor. It also features a safety lockout cover and an easy cleaning solution. It can process up to two cords of wood per hour.

The Timberwolf PRO-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor can grind up large logs. It is easy to use and features a hydraulic winch. This portable machine is easy to install and is designed to be very efficient. Its manufacturer, Rainier Hydraulics, is the leader in shear technology.


The Wood Beaver Model 16 firewood processor is a complete system that converts logs into stackable firewood. It weighs over 1,800 pounds and can be easily towed. It can also be equipped with a PTO or an optional Honda engine. Designed for efficiency and operator friendliness, the Wood Beaver 16 is easy to maintain.

The ten-horsepower engine powers the unit, allowing it to process a cord of wood in an hour. It can split a 12-foot-long log into pieces as thin as four inches, depending on its diameter. Another feature of this machine is its two-stage hydraulic pump.

This firewood processor has many features, including a live deck, patented Top Roll clamping system, a sawdust clean-out chute, a patented log length CAM measurement system, and a conveyor. It comes standard with a four-way wedge, but optionally comes with a six-way wedge.