The Best Firewood Processors

Firewood processors can vary in price, output, and size. Many firewood processors can process up to five cords of firewood per hour. Multitek, Bad A** Beaver, and Hahn Machinery Inc. are a few more expensive options. However, they are all effective at processing firewood, and the quality and efficiency justify the price.

Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS

The Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS firewood processor is an industry workhorse with a host of features to accommodate the needs of a growing firewood producer. Its patented guillotine-cutting system reduces maintenance and increases production. This machine also has a 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw that can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter.

This firewood processor is engineered to process two to three cords of firewood per hour. It features a 40-inch saw blade that turns at 1400 RPM to split and cut logs efficiently. It is powered by a 44 hp (33kw) turbo-charged diesel engine to maximize operator productivity. This machine also features a three-strand hydraulic log deck with log flippers and an ergonomic operator station. Optional equipment includes an 18-foot stacking conveyor and a 20-foot or 30-foot conveyor.

The Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS firewood processor is one of the market’s most efficient and affordable mid-sized firewood processors. It is a versatile, portable machine that is easy to operate and has low operating costs. Its ergonomic operator station is equipped with twin joysticks and offers easy access to controls.

Bad A** Beaver 20

The Bad A** Beaver 20 is one of the most potent and low-cost firewood processors. It has a capacity of up to four cords per hour and is designed explicitly for firewood producers. It has a two-strand live deck and can cut logs up to 18 feet in length.

The 20 BAB has two rams, allowing great speed and power. It has enough power to blast through anything. Randy had only been using the machine for a few months before we talked. When we first spoke, it was 80 degrees outside. He was still determining how much wood he could process on a hot day but was sure production would increase over time.

Hahn Machinery Inc.

The company’s founder, Glen Halverson, has spent his career in the logging industry. A lifelong builder and designer, he designed logging equipment in his garage. Later, in a partnership with Hahn Machinery, he developed a firewood processor. The company built two models.

The Hahn Harvester, an innovative logging machine, was patented by Ray Hahn in 1968. It was an affordable, easy-to-use machine used by loggers in the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand. Other logging equipment manufacturers also copied Hahn’s original designs. In 1990, Hahn retired and sold his interest in Hahn Machinery to his children.

In addition to distributing forestry equipment, Hahn Machinery Inc. also designs and manufactures hydraulic chainsaws. These tools are designed for both softwood and hardwood logging operations. They also include circular saws and log grapples. The company’s goal is to provide customers with high-quality, reliable equipment that helps them make the most out of their hard work.

Ray Hahn founded Hahn Machinery in 1972. The company’s first mechanical tree processor, the Hahn Harvester, revolutionized the logging industry. Before the Hahn Harvester, men cut trees with chainsaws, which was dangerous and time-consuming. Hahn Harvester allowed them to do it from an enclosed cab, dramatically increasing production and decreasing labor costs. The Hahn Harvester also set the trend towards mechanizing the entire logging industry.

Multitek tumbler

The Multitek tumbler firewood processor is a multi-purpose piece of equipment capable of processing large amounts of firewood. The tumbler cleans the firewood of loose debris and empties it into metal baskets for loading into a kiln. This process typically takes a few days to complete. While Multitek has an electric-powered model, the company also offers models that run on gas or wood waste.

Multitek’s firewood processors are widely used by the firewood industry, from minor to large-scale producers. The company makes several different models of firewood processors and has hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. Multitek also offers a wide range of accessories and services for its customers.

The Cord King CS20-40 firewood processor was the winner in a test run conducted by the Independent Sawmill & Woodlot Magazine. It was the most productive machine in its class, with a 2.5-second split cycle time and a lightning-fast saw-to-saw time of three seconds.

Multitek tumbler firewood processors are designed to split and cut firewood. They typically have four separate parts, each with a specific function. Depending on the machine model, the output capacity can range from four cords an hour to more than five. Some models also include a 60-inch carbide-tipped circular saw. The cutter can cut up to 1,500 lines of firewood before it wears down and starts to lose its carbide teeth.

Multitek 1620 SS

The Multitek 1620 SS firewood processor is a high-performance machine with several advantages. First, it features a patented guillotine-cutting system that reduces maintenance and increases productivity. In addition, it features an insert-tooth circular saw with a 40-inch cutting capacity. It can process two to three cords of firewood per hour and can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter. Moreover, you can customize the machine according to the size of the records you want to process.

Another notable feature is the 1620 SS’s low maintenance requirements and powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine. This engine delivers ample torque for all functions, maximizing operator productivity and throughput of the finished product. Its 3-strand hydraulic log deck is also ruggedly built and comes with custom log flippers and ergonomic operator stations. The 1620 SS also has optional outfeed conveyors and a seat to make it easier for operators to operate.

This company has been in business for 41 years and is based in Prentice, N.J. Since its founding, Multitek has grown to two buildings and plans to expand its facilities to three by 2022. In addition to its firewood processors, the company also sells accessories and firewood processing machinery.

Another firewood processor from Multitek is the Beaver 1. It is an excellent choice for small firewood businesses. Its hydraulic saw has a 4.5-second cycle time and features a convenient sawdust clean-out chute. Furthermore, the machine is portable and easy to set up. It is manufactured by Rainier Hydraulics, an industry leader in shear technology. It also includes a conveyor and can process 1.0 to two cords of logs per hour.

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