The Best Wood Beaver Wood Processors

Model 16

The Wood Beaver Model 16 firewood processor is an efficient workhorse for your firewood processing business. Made by Wood Beaver Forestry, Inc. in Hartford, Wis., it converts a log into stacked firewood and is towable. Its effortless maintenance and ease of service make it ideal for one person. The machine is designed for ease of use and is woman and operator friendly.

This machine can process one to two cords of firewood in an hour. It is powered by a ten-horsepower engine and has a two-stage hydraulic pump for fast, efficient processing. It is easy to use and can handle various types of wood.

18 BAB

The 18 BAB wood processor is a powerful, versatile piece of equipment. Its standard features include an engine, live or dead deck, and log lift. The 18 BAB can produce one full cord of firewood per hour and is an excellent choice for start-up and part-time producers.

It splits a complete 18-inch hardwood log in three to four seconds and is equipped with the engine of your choice. This unit is also easily transportable. Whether you’re processing firewood for your cabin, business, or farm, the 18 BAB wood processor can quickly move from one location to another.

Multitek 1620 SS

The Multitek 1620 SS wood beavers processor is an industry workhorse with a high cycle time and a 3-strand hydraulic folding live deck. It can split hardwood logs efficiently into saleable firewood and offers a circular saw option that reduces maintenance and improves efficiency.

This firewood processor can process up to a cord of logs per hour. It is portable and has a ten-horsepower engine and hydraulic winch. It is a woman-friendly processor with many safety features, including a protective lockout cover.

This firewood processor is great for homeowners and small businesses. The patented circular saw and insert tooth carbide saw reduce maintenance while increasing throughput. It can process a cord of wood per hour and split logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It is also equipped with a ten-horsepower engine and two-stage hydraulic pump to ensure maximum productivity.

Multitek started as a hydraulic machinery company, and the founder invented the log loader. That experience has carried over into their firewood processors. They come equipped with triple hydraulic pumps and multiple functions to process logs quickly. The Multitek 2025XP wood processor can process two to three cords per hour. It can also process records up to 16 inches in diameter and has a patented guillotine-cutting system.

SSM 250 EZ Compact

The SSM 250 EZ Compact is its class’s smallest, most portable wood beaver processor. It is ideal for processing firewood for your home, business, or organization. This machine has a powerful ten-horsepower engine and a dual-stage hydraulic pump for high-production processing. It is also easy to operate and transport.

The SSM 250 EZ Compact has an integrated hydraulic system that speeds up firewood processing. The unit can also be customized to your needs. Depending on the amount of wood you process, you can choose between two and eight-inch models. You can also choose between a diesel or PTO-powered model.


The Wolverine wood beaver wood processing machine features a hydraulic winch that allows you to pull a log of any length or diameter. It’s portable, too, so you can move it to another area if you need to. It’s made by Rainier Hydraulics, which has been a leader in the shear industry since 1984. It’s the only fully automatic processor, meaning the log feeds into the machine and automatically splits and cuts it to size.

The Wolverine firewood processor is designed for small wood businesses, farmers, and homeowners. It can be moved with an ATV and has a 10-horsepower engine. This firewood processor will split a log into two or four pieces, depending on its size. You can then chop each piece to fit your needs.

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This beaver wood processor is an efficient workhorse in the firewood processing industry. Beth Modschiedler and Troy Modschiedler own a Wood Beaver Model 16. Their wood processing machines are easy to operate and can be used by one person. The machines are designed to be user-friendly, making them ideal for small businesses.

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