The Dyna 16 Wood Processor

The DYNA 16 wood processor is designed for full-time, high-output production. Its 44 HP Kubota diesel engine and the hydraulic cylinder can push up to three to four cords of firewood per hour. It comes with a Two-year warranty. In addition to its powerful engine, this processor has many helpful features.

28-inch maximum firewood length

The Dyna SC-16 wood processor handles logs easily and can split firewood up to 28 inches long. It has a piston pump that powers the 0.404-inch slasher chain saw and a 4-second split cycle time. Its 28-inch maximum firewood length makes it suitable for small to medium-sized wood processing jobs.

This firewood processor is a reliable tool that is built to last. This versatile machine has many valuable features, including its compact size, high production rate, and ease of use. With a maximum firewood length of 28 inches, the Dyna 16 is the best choice for most firewood processing needs. The cord-king compact wood processor is a versatile tool that can process up to three cords of firewood in a single hour. The CS-series models come with a 50 to 127-horsepower diesel engine and produce four to 10 lines of firewood per hour. In a standard working year, the Cord King Compact can process up to 9,000 full cords of firewood. Typical cycle times range from three to four seconds. Cord King offers custom-made processing options to fit your specific needs.

The DYNA SC-14 Firewood Processor is the best-selling model in the company’s line of firewood processors. It was developed in response to customer demand for a more compact machine. It has a 6-foot conveyor and an innovative Log Lifter mechanism to make the process easier. The Dyna 16 wood processor also features a 10′ hydraulic chain conveyor.

Another popular model is the Timberwolf firewood processor. It weighs over six hundred pounds and has a patent-pending 40-inch guillotine circular saw. Its improved cutting system offers greater operator visibility and improves log drop into the split chamber. Its cutting width and length are adjustable to suit the size of the logs you’re processing.

Manual sawing process

If you are in the process of setting up your Dyna 16 wood processor, there are some things you should know. First, you must ensure that all the safety features are turned on and properly adjusted. Also, ensure you read all the safety information with the machine. The exhaust fumes from the engine are potentially dangerous and may even kill you. The hot components of the device can also cause severe burns if you come into contact with them.

Another essential aspect to consider is the sawing process. Depending on the size of the log, a manual sawing process may not be the most efficient. That is why most wood processors use automatic sawing processes. DYNA manufacturers designed the SC-16 firewood processor with an ergonomic joystick so that the operator can control the saw. It also has a hydraulic log loader, a 16-foot belt conveyor, and an adjustable height log clamp.

Two-year warranty

If you’ve purchased the Dyna 16 wood processor, you can rest assured that the manufacturer’s two-year warranty covers you. You can expect to receive replacement parts and service for your machine during this time. However, please remember that the warranty doesn’t cover labor or transportation costs for replacement parts. Pascal International Inc. also reserves the right to change models and materials and discontinue features at any time. The company will also determine the carrier for replacement parts, which may require an additional fee.

If you are on a budget, you can always look for a used machine from a reputable seller. For example, Jas P Wilson sells used harvesters. The company also sells used machines from DYNA Products and Multitek. The Wood Beaver 16 is an excellent choice for preparing firewood. It’s an efficient and affordable machine for firewood preparation.

DYNA firewood processors are backed by a two-year warranty and are also repairable for 48 months. These models are also available for rental for a fixed fee. Dyna also offers three different models to meet the needs of various industries. You can choose a smaller machine for commercial purposes, such as a small business, or a larger one for more commercial uses.

The Dyna 16 wood processor has various features, including an ergonomic joystick control. The ergonomic joystick enables flexible control over the harvester saw, the live deck, and the log clamp. It also has an electric trailer brake control. Lastly, the DYNA SC-16 firewood processor comes with optional LED lights.

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