The Hahn HFP-150 Wood Processor

This Halverson 150 wood processor is a highly versatile machine that is easy to operate from the cab of the device. It features five-way movement, and operators can adjust the splitters and the height of the wood chippers from the cab. Its robust construction and logical control system make it easy to maintain.

Hahn HFP-150

The Hahn HFP-150 wood processor is an excellent tool for commercial firewood production. It has hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitters and a two-speed cylinder to split wood quickly and efficiently. The machine is compact, easily attaches to your loader, and can be operated by a single operator.

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It is also available in a smaller, less expensive version called the HFP-150 Compact. It’s designed for mid-size loaders and is ideal for businesses that use firewood regularly but don’t require a high production capacity. Its industrial-grade components and robust steel construction ensure long service life.

Halverson 150

The Halverson 150 wood processor is a robust and versatile machine for processing firewood. It can process wood up to 16 inches in diameter at speeds comparable to an industrial firewood processor. It is available in two models: the heavy-duty model 140B, which can process up to six cubic meters per hour, and the medium-duty model 120, which has a processing capacity of four cubic meters per hour. Both models feature a compact working space, low power consumption, and low running costs. The Halverson processor is easy to use and requires very little maintenance.

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The HWP-150 wood processor from Halverson Wood Products features a hydraulic splitting wedge for a more substantial, more efficient cut. It cuts up to 22 inches in diameter and offers more splitting force than the HWP-140B. Its four-way splitting wedge is standard, but a six-way model is available as an upgrade.

The Halverson 150 wood processor can be mounted to skid steers and other machines. It can process one to two cords of wood per hour. This machine has a wide-angled grab arm that cuts larger logs faster than the HWP-140. It is also easy to store and can be attached and disassembled with minimal effort.

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Uniforest range of wood processors

The Halverson wood processor has many features and can be mounted on excavators, wheel loaders, and tractors with front-end loaders. This heavy-duty processor can process up to 6 cubic meters of wood per hour. It also comes with low power consumption and low running costs. Operators can operate the machine from the cab, so there’s no need for extra staff. Its rugged design and logical control make it easy to maintain.

Halverson Wood Products has introduced the HWP-150 skid-steer wood processor. This machine features hydraulic splitting wedges and more splitting force than its predecessor, the HWP-140B. It is ideal for processing up to 22 inches of wood. Its 4-way splitting wedge is standard, but it can also be upgraded to a six-way splitting wedge for greater efficiency.

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