The HWP 130 Wood Processor by Halverson

What is hwp 130 Wood Processor Youtube?

hwp 130 Wood Processor Youtube is a video channel that provides detailed instruction and tutorials on how to use the hwp 130 Wood Processor. It includes step-by-step instructions on setting up the processor and how to use it safely and effectively. The video channel also provides tips and tricks on how to maximize the wood processor's performance. The tutorials are easy to follow, and the videos feature a clear and concise explanation of the wood processor's features and functions. The videos also provide advice on troubleshooting and maintenance.

The HWP 130 Wood Processor from Halverson is a powerful wood processor with a manual wrapping system and is ideal for processing firewood. It can process up to two cords per hour and meets federal safety standards. Its features include a skid steer attachment and durable construction.

Skid steer firewood processor

The Skid steer HWP 130 wood processor is a great machine for home use, farm and ranch operations, and work shops. The skid steer attachment can split logs into four or six pieces. It is also compatible with a chainsaw. It is about 130 miles away from Billings, Montana.

This machine can process logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It also features an automatic chain oiler and an easy to adjust chain. It can process about a cord of firewood per hour. It also features a powerful diesel engine and floatation tires. It is also one of the most affordable wood processors.

Located in northeast Pennsylvania, A.J. Shaver purchased a firewood processor manufactured by Halverson Wood Products. This machine is attached to a skid-steer, which supplies the hydraulics and power. Shaver has sold 36 Halverson firewood processors in less than two years and is one of the best-performing dealers in the industry. His skid-steer HWP 130 wood processor has the capacity to process 1.5 cords per hour.

The Halverson firewood processor is easy to operate and convenient to store. It processes logs from 16 inches in diameter with ease. It can be mounted on a skid steer or other type of vehicle. The processor can be used with either round or diamond wood. Its working area is compact and easy to clean. It has low power and running costs.

If you need to buy a wood chipper, consider looking for a used one. You can also look for used skid steer grapples for sale. They are often in good condition and are a great choice for small-scale farms or for small operations. You can save a lot of money by purchasing a second hand skid steer wood chipper for a fraction of the original price.

Powerful log splitter

A log splitter’s tonnage (also known as force) is the primary determinant of its performance. The more force the hydraulic ram has, the better the chances of splitting a larger, tougher log. Other secondary design factors include diameter and length. While the latter is also important, force is the key issue.

The Powerhorse Electric Splitter is a versatile machine that can split logs in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Its hydraulic ram can easily pick up a log and move it over a variety of terrains. It also features a hefty steel wedge and a sturdy stand. Another feature is its hydraulic log lift, which takes the backbreaking effort out of lifting and splitting a log.

Another powerful log splitter is the Tractor Supply Co. wood splitter. This machine can split up to 40-ton logs. It features a high-quality Honda engine with a 14-second cycle time. Its hydraulic log lift can support 660 pounds and features a log cradle to keep logs from falling out. This machine also comes with pneumatic tires for easy maneuverability.

The Powerful HWP 130 log splitter is designed for the toughest tasks, whether at home or in the backyard. Its sturdy, horizontal design means it’s kind to your back when you upload small or medium-sized logs. Larger logs are best loaded vertically, while smaller logs should be loaded horizontally. Some log splitters can load heavy logs both vertically and horizontally, but they can be dangerous when applying tons of pressure to the wood.

Unlike manual log splitters, electric log splitters are easy to use and have higher power and durability. The price range of used log splitters can range from 0 to 00, depending on their condition and power rating. However, many landowners choose to build their own log splitters. This requires some mechanical skills, but can be an economical solution for large-scale log splitting.

Rugged construction

The Halverson HWP 130 wood processor is built for rugged conditions. It can handle logs up to 10 feet long and up to 15 inches in diameter. It can be operated from the machine cab with a joystick control or a button system. It also has five-way movement and allows the operator to adjust the height of the splitter. In addition, it has a rugged heavy-duty design that makes it easy to maintain.

The rugged construction of the HP 130 wood processor provides a high level of protection. It meets the federal safety standards. The machine’s chain is easy to adjust, and an automatic oiler helps to ensure smooth running. The processor is able to process up to a cord-and-a-half of firewood in an hour.


The HWP 130 wood processor by Halverson is a highly productive machine that can handle a wide variety of log types. It is made in the United States and is very safe to operate. It can process up to two cords of wood per hour. It can be mounted to an excavator or skid steer.

Both models are equipped with automatic chain oilers, making it easy to adjust the chain for a proper fit. These firewood processors are suitable for light commercial and residential use. They have a power consumption of 15 gpm and a hydraulic flow of 2,800 psi. The machine is equipped with a chain bar with a 22-inch length, automatic oiler, and hydraulic motor.

The Halverson wood processor is easy to operate with the use of the controls located in the machine cab. It offers five-way movement and can process up to 16 inch diameter round or diamond wood at rates similar to industrial firewood processors. The medium-duty model has a six-cubic-meter per-hour processing capacity and a compact working area for easy maneuverability. Its simple control system is easy to use and requires little maintenance.