The Japa 395, Japa 365, and Hud-Son Badger Wood Processors

What is Hanny Wood Processor?

hanny wood processor is a machine that is used to cut and shape wood into desired shapes and sizes. It can be used to create furniture, sculptures, and other products. The machine is powered by either an electric motor or a diesel engine and has a range of cutting tools that can be used to shape the wood. The machine is easy to operate and can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. It is an efficient and cost-effective way of creating custom wood products.

The Japa 395 is a new generation firewood processor, featuring hydraulic pushers, adjustable knives, a log length limiter, a guide plate, and a lubrication pump. All of these features are controlled by a joystick. The Japa 395 is ideal for producing consistent firewood, no matter what type of log is used. It is an ideal choice for wood fired stoves, saunas, and hot tubs.


The Japa hanny wood processor is a powerful, portable machine with a host of features. With PTO power and 3-phase electric, it cuts and splits wood quickly and easily. It has a separate log splitter and is equipped with an electronic governor and fuel injection. The Japa 365 firewood processor is equipped with a Honda iGX700 engine that delivers reliable power and excellent uptime.

The Japa firewood processor is designed to make work safer and easier, with the latest innovations that make it easy to operate. This machine is great for shared use, with a large wood chute and powered infeed conveyor. It also features a four-way wedge knife for fast and clean splitting.

The Japa 365+ Pro is compatible with timber decks and log lifters. Its log rack greatly improves output. Its hydraulic log lift helps raise logs onto the machine and the feed roller helps move the logs into the cutting chamber. It is available in two versions: the Basic and the Pro.

Hud-Son Badger

If you’re looking for a skid steer wood processor that can process a full cord of firewood in an hour, the Hud-Son Badger is the machine for you. It’s designed to skid, cut, and split firewood into convenient chunks, and features a chip separation tray. The Badger also has a conveyor system that makes it easy to load up your logs.

The Hud-Son Badger firewood processor is a versatile machine for both commercial and residential use. It features an electric start engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump that allows it to chop logs up to 24 inches long. The unit is easy to move and can be set up in less than an hour. This unit is a good choice for homesteaders, and is built in the USA, with a generous warranty on its shafts and bearings.

Japa 435

The Japa 435 is an excellent processor that uses a splitting knife for perfect splits and a perfect split system. This processor is fast and easy to operate. It also uses a perfect split system, which means your firewood will always be the same size. It also features a manual infeed and cutting controls.

This processor was designed with an improved splitting knife to make the process faster and easier. It can process logs up to 43 cm thick. It is also equipped with a Perfect Clean(tm) cleaning system, which helps remove debris from processed firewood. This system is located behind the splitting section, so it is easy to clean up after processing.