The Manual of the Wallenstein WP845 Wood Processor

What is Wallenstein WP845 Wood Processor?

Wallenstein WP845 Wood Processor is a heavy-duty wood splitter designed to split logs of up to 24" in diameter and up to a length of 24". It is powered by a reliable Honda GX390 engine and is equipped with a 6-way wedge, a powerful hydraulic ram and a 6-inch diameter cylinder. The WP845 is easily transported with a 2” ball coupling and comes with a two-year limited warranty. It can also be used to chop wood for firewood and process wood for use in a sawmill.

Before operating your Wallenstein WP845 wood processor, you should first read its manual. It should be available in a convenient place for frequent reference, especially for new operators. The manual also includes important information for proper service and maintenance. If you have any questions, you can ask your local Wallenstein dealer.

Safety Alert Symbol on wallenstein wp845 / wp875 wood processor

Safety Alert Symbols on the Wallenstein WP845 / WP875 wood processor are an excellent way to make sure that you’re working safely with your machine. Look for these symbols on both the vertical and horizontal sides of the machine. These symbols indicate the machine’s model, serial number, and important safety messages.

Wallenstein WP845 and WP875 Firewood Processors are trailer-mounted wood processors that process cut logs into split firewood. These units winch, split, and cut logs to length. They are built with safety in mind by adhering to ASAE standards. They are especially helpful for high-volume producers.

Wallenstein WP845 and WP875 wood processors are easy to use and have an ergonomic design to help you minimize back strain. The wallenstein WP875 wood processor has a comfortable working height and is able to process up to 1.5 cords per hour. It also has a split opening of 36 inches and can process three feet long pieces of wood. It’s also a great choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Safety is the most important aspect of any wood processor. The WP845 / WP875 Safety Trailer Firewood Processor has several warning symbols and features that protect operators from injury. It has warning signs for three common hazards: falling objects, hydraulic fluid under pressure, and sound power.

Service and maintenance

If you own a Wallenstein WP845 wood processor, you’ll be glad to know that it comes with a service and maintenance manual. It contains important information on servicing the air filter and engine, as well as how to safely use the machine. You’ll also find information on how to service and maintain the automatic log winch. This feature is a handy addition to your wood processor, as it automatically retracts when the log is full. The only disadvantage is that it can’t winch records that are too long. Nevertheless, you’ll need some skills to handle it.

You’ll want to refer to the WP845 or WP875 service and maintenance manual frequently. This is especially important for new operators and owners. This manual will also provide you with an introduction to the machine and its operation. It will also include tips and tricks to help you extend the life of your wood processor.

A Wallenstein WP845 or WP875 Safety Trailer Firewood Processor is designed to process cut logs into split firewood. The process begins with a lead-in chute, and then the log is guided up a log length guide. From there, the log is split with a chain saw, and the split pieces fall into a splitting chamber. Wallenstein offers two models in the 800 Series, the WP875 Safety Trailer Firewood Processor and the WP845 Safety Trailer Firewood Processor. Both have the same safety features as the WP875 but differ in some minor ways.

The WP845 or WP875 service and maintenance manual also explains how to maintain the air cleaner and engine. It also offers information on how to check the fuel and oil levels. There is a sight glass on the front of the tank so you can check the oil level without having to remove the machine from use.

The Wallenstein WP845 Wood Processor provides the user with improved ergonomics and cut-and-handle time, which can reduce back strain. Its BX102R feed chipper has a hydraulic roller feed system and a four-segment rotor for faster, safer processing. It also comes with an automatic feed cycle feature that can process varying log sizes.

The WP845 comes with a safety trailer for transport and setup. It is important to ensure that it is set up on a level surface. You should also make sure the oil level is visible to prevent any accidents. In addition, you should read the manual for any possible safety issues.


If you are in the market for a wood processor, you might be wondering what the specifications of the Wallenstein WP845 wood processor are. Besides the wood processor’s specs, you might also be interested in its installation and service manual. You can download the manual from the manufacturer’s website or you can also ask your dealer. The manual contains important information for both new and experienced users.

The Wallenstein WP845 is a high-performance machine that can process 1.5 cords of wood in a single run. It is made for the commercial market and is ideal for hiring companies, large farmers, and civil contractors who sell firewood. The machine is compact, lightweight, and has a single action control for easy operation.

It is one of the most popular wood processors from Wallenstein. The WP845 is ideal for large farmers, civil contractors, and small commercial firewood merchants. It has an ergonomic design and comfortable cutting height for easier processing of logs. The machine also has an auto-cycle option that makes it quick and easy to process 1.5 cords of wood.

This wallenstein wood processor is also known for its durability. It is capable of converting wood logs into chippings. It can accommodate logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It is powered by a 29 hp Vanguard gas engine and has a 26-inch splitting opening. In addition, it has a 12 foot stacking elevator.

For regular maintenance, you can refer to the WP845/WP875 Service and Maintenance Manual. The manual will also provide information on servicing the air cleaner and engine. It is also recommended to change the oil while it is still warm because it can cause burns.

The WP845/WP875 Safety Trailer Firewood Processor has various safety features, including a warning system. The warning system has alerts and signs for users about falling split wood and other hazards. The unit also has a warning device to prevent accidental fires and accidental injuries.

This wood processor also has a hydraulic oil sight glass in the front of the tank. This is useful to check if the hydraulic oil is sufficient to run the machine. Otherwise, you might end up with a ruined log. This machine’s user manual also has a section for storing fuel.